Survival Summit Review

Survival Summit Review

August 25, 2020 A.C. 0

Do you have the skills it takes to survive in the wilderness? Could you survive a SHTF situation on nothing but foraged greens, small game […]

Best Conceal Carry Purse Reviews

Best Concealed Carry Purses

July 15, 2020 Guest 0

My earliest recollections of seeing a female carrying a gun was on the 1960s sitcom, “F Troop” where the beautiful sharpshooter “Wrangler Jane” confidently wore […]

Different Types of Tents

Different Types of Tents

May 26, 2020 K.T. 0

Our household has no shortage of camping and backpacking tents. My husband, who was a rock and ice climber for years has had to bivy […]

The Bedol Water Clock Review

Bedol Water Clock

May 3, 2020 A.C. 0

I recently moved to the land of hurricanes (aka Florida), and while unpacking, found my trusty old Bedol water clock. I have had this thing […]

Kelly Kettle Review - Best Hobo Stove

Kelly Kettle Review

August 16, 2019 A.C. 0

Have you ever heard of a “hobo stove?” Well, we are loving the Kelly Kettle, a “hobo stove” of sorts that’s brought to us by […]

Best Bear Sprays Reviewed - Best Bear Deterrents

5 Best Bear Sprays

August 13, 2019 A.C. 0

Bears are some of the most magnificent creatures to see — as long as you’re appropriately far away, of course. When you’re backpacking or hiking […]

How to Grow Garlic

How To Grow Garlic

August 8, 2019 A.C. 0

First of all, I need to tell you that my experience stems from years of growing garlic in northern New England. So, if you live […]

BattlBox Review - Battle Box Subscription Service

BattlBox Review

July 25, 2019 Guest 0

The first thing that comes to my mind as I write up this BattlBox review is that this is a fun subscription service. I admit […]

Foods with a Long Shelf Life

Foods with a Long Shelf Life

July 25, 2019 A.C. 0

Contents1 Shelf-Stable Foods – Beyond Rice and Beans 1.1 1. Honey1.2 2. Canned Goods1.2.1 Tuna1.2.2 Sardines1.2.3 Spam1.2.4 Corn1.2.5 Tomatoes1.2.6 Vegetables like Green Beans and Peas1.2.7 Soup1.2.8 […]