6 Reasons to Carry a Flashlight Everywhere

I’m a huge fan of flashlights (I carry a J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight with me everywhere I go). No, it’s not because I’m afraid of the dark. The reason I carry it is because humans are extremely inefficient in the dark. Whether you’re hiking in the woods, fixing a car, or picking up your child from school, you should always have a flashlight on you. Some flashlights, known as “Tactical Flashlights”, can even double as a self-defense tool (more on that later). In this article, I’ll give you 6 reasons for why I think people should carry a flashlight everywhere they go.

#1: Power Outages

OB-PN837_0908bl_H_20110908213507Power outages are no joke. They can leave you without electricity for days (sometimes longer). Without a flashlight, navigating your home will be a mission in itself. Sure, you could rely on a cellphone or a candle, but those aren’t very practical.

Your cell phone battery will die a lot faster than a flashlight battery. And as for candles, they can lead to a fire. Your best option is to have a flashlight. Also, you have to think about what will happen if you experience a power outage AWAY from home, such as a movie theater or amusement park. Amidst all the chaos panic, you’ll definitely want something reliable to light the way back to your vehicle so that you can get home!

#2: Improvised Weapon

Not only do flashlights illuminate the dark, but they can also be used as a self-defense weapon. In fact, some flashlights are specifically built for this purpose. They are called “Tactical Flashlights” (later in this article we’ll talk about some good ones). Let’s say that you’re walking through a dark alley on your way home with your flashlight lighting the way. All of a sudden, you’re attacked. Well guess what? You’re already holding a potential weapon!

Swing the flashlight towards vulnerable areas of the attacker’s body, including the face, groin, head, and knuckles (this last one HURTS). If you hit them hard enough, it’s definitely going to cause some damage, especially if it’s a heavier flashlight. It’s just one more reason to always have a flashlight on you.

#3: Fixing Your Car

CarLet’s say that you’re driving at night when your car breaks down. Without a flashlight, you won’t have any way to check what’s wrong. It could be something as simple as a belt slipping off, but you’ll have no way of knowing since you don’t have a flashlight!

Heck, it can be sunny outside and still be dark underneath the hood if you’re facing the wrong angle. If your vehicle is making unusual noises, you’ll want to investigate them immediately. It could be that you’ve got a loose cable rubbing against something, and if you fix it early, it won’t be a problem. If you do a lot of traveling with a small child (like daily commutes to school for example) then this advice is even more relevant to you. Putting yourself in danger is one thing, but putting you and a child in danger is another. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Buy yourself a good flashlight as soon as possible!

#4: Emergency Signaling

As we talked about in an earlier article, you can use flashlights to signal for help in an emergency. It’s impossible to predict when you’ll be in a survival situation. For example, what if your boat breaks down while fishing? You could easily be swept out to sea! Or what if you’re deep in the wilderness and your car breaks down? Situations like these happen ALL THE TIME. It would be arrogant to think that they can’t happen to you. But if you have a flashlight, you can use it to help rescue teams find you. Simply turn on your flashlight, face it towards the source of help, and run your hand across the light three times. This will tell whoever sees it that you’re in trouble.

#5: Darkness is Guaranteed                                           

Many people carry umbrellas “just in case” in rains. But why don’t more people carry flashlights? After all, it’s guaranteed to get dark once every 24 hours. I’ve met people who carry umbrellas everywhere they go (even in places where it hardly rains). Yet, they don’t have flashlights. It’s like they fear water more than they fear darkness! Think about it: you KNOW that it’s going to get dark once every 24 hours. Wouldn’t it make sense to have something to combat the dark? Even if it’s for something small like walking the dog or checking on the kids, it’s always better to have one.

Hybeam Tactical Flashlight

#6: Peace of Mind

Lastly, a flashlight provides you with peace of mind. Knowing that you’ll have a reliable light source no matter what is a great feeling. This is especially true for people who live in disaster-prone areas: California (earthquakes), Florida (hurricanes), Kansas (tornadoes), etc. Even something as basic as someone crashing their car into a light pole could leave you without electricity. My grandma is the perfect example of someone who loves flashlights. Whenever it starts raining, there’s a 99.9% chance she’ll have a flashlight in her hands. Call it paranoid, but it’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

Best Tactical Flashlights

You already know that a tactical flashlight can be a good self-defense tool. The question now is, which one should you get? With over 100 models on Amazon alone, it can be difficult to make a decision. I don’t want you to focus only on price. Just because a flashlight is expensive, doesn’t mean it’s good. Similarly, just because a flashlight is inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s bad. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a tactical flashlight:

  • Lumens: Look for a minimum 65-lumen output.
  • Bulb: LEDs or shock-isolated incandescent bulbs are best.
  • Construction: It should be durably built.
  • Ergonomics: Make sure it fits comfortably in your hand.
  • Grip: You don’t want it to slip in a real self-defense scenario!
  • Size: Make sure it’s small enough to be carried around discreetly.
  • Pocket Clip: Allows for quick and easy access.

I know it sounds like a lot, but it’s really not. Also make sure that you look a customer reviews and ACTUALLY READ THEM. They’ll tell you a lot about whether or not a particular model is any good. Now that you’ve got an idea about what to look for, here are some well-rated models that won’t break the bank:

J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight

#1The J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight offers one of the best values that you’ll find as far as tactical flashlights are concerned. It currently sells for about $13, which is a steal. It produces an impressive 300 lumens that can shine up to 600 feet. One look at this tactical flashlight and you’ll be able to tell that it’s well-built.

It comes with three modes- high, low, and strobe- and runs off of a single AA battery. It’s a heavy duty, compact option that’s as though as a nail. As with many tactical flashlights, the head of this model is beveled. This will help it cause more damage in a self-defense situation. Whether you’re planning on using it every day or once a month, it’s definitely a good option to consider.

Check It Out On Amazon.com

Vansky 700 Lumen Cree Led Flashlight

#2With most things in life, you get what you pay for. But with the Vansky 700 Lumen Cree Led Flashlight, you’ll get so much more than you paid for. Currently priced around $11, it features a ton of amazing features. It offers three light modes, as well as a durable aluminum alloy body. So even if you accidentally drop it, chances are good that it will be just fine (you can’t say the same about regular flashlights).

Another thing that I love about this tactical flashlight is that it’s water resistant. Don’t confuse this with “water proof”. Water resistant simply means that it will work in heavy rain but NOT in tank of water. Check it out and I think you’ll see why it’s got so many amazing reviews.

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OxyLED MD50 Tactical Flashlight

#3While it’s a little more on the expensive side ($19), the OxyLED MD50 Tactical Flashlight is the real deal. With 1,000+ positive customer reviews, you can buy it with confidence. The first thing you’ll notice about it is its compact design. This allows it to be discreet when in public.

But it’s still big enough to cause a lot of damage in a self-defense situation. It comes with a five light modes, as well as a tough external coating. It’s water resistant and made from a tough aluminum alloy material. The design itself isn’t anything special. In fact, it’s pretty plain. But from a practical standpoint, you can’t beat it. Finally, OxyLED claims that their flashlight has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. I can’t vouch for whether or not this is actually true, but it’s an impressive claim nonetheless.

Check It Out On Amazon.com

Bottom Line

I hope you’ve come to appreciate the importance of a quality flashlight as I have. With a good flashlight, you’ll be able to stay productive even after the lights go out. You can also protect yourself if the situation ever arises. Keep in mind that there are dozens and dozens of models I didn’t review in this article. I encourage you to check those out (and make sure you read the reviews!). I’ll turn it over to the readers: do YOU walk around with a flashlight? If so, why? If not, why? Leave you answers in the comments section below! P.S. Click here to get a Hybeam Tactical Flashlight for free (just pay postage).

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