How to Make Waterproof Matches

How to Make Waterproof Matches

May 24, 2019 A.C. 0

Are matches your primary way of making a fire? If so, then I highly recommend you learn how to make waterproof matches. While it’s possible to buy waterproof matches, […]

17 Bow Hunting Tips

April 4, 2019 A.C. 0

17 Bow Hunting Tips – Off Grid Survival 17 Bow Hunting Tips – Off Grid Survival Aside from gardening and raising animals, a great way to […]

How to Ground a Generator

March 11, 2017 Guest 0

If you’re no electrician, I’m sure you must have been confused with whether you should ground your portable electrical generator or not. Grounding a generator […]

Multi Tool

16 Preppers Survival Tools

May 29, 2016 A.C. 0

Editor’s Note: This is a very informative article that was originally posted on 5/29/16 by previous owners of this site. Numerous experts participated in the […]

how to make a fish trap

How to Make a Fish Trap

May 14, 2016 David 0

No matter where you are in the world, chances are good that you’ll find some trash. While this is unfortunate for the planet, it’s good […]

prepper stash

10 Preps That are 100% Free

April 27, 2016 Guest 0

I’m shocked by how much money people are willing to spend on survival gear (especially when there’re so many things they can do that don’t cost a […]

How to Purify Water

How to Purify Water

March 21, 2016 David 0

Whether you’re in the wild or in an urban environment, you need to know acquire fresh drinking water. It’s very easy for water to be riddled […]


How to Live off the Land

March 1, 2016 David 0

So, you want to learn how to live off the land? Well, you’re not alone. Each year, thousands of people make the switch to self-sustainability. […]