Hammock Vs Tent: Which Is Better? All You Need To Know

In the world of camping, the hammock vs tent debate has been going on for ages. Campers and hikers have their own preferences so if you have ever wondered which is better, you’ll probably get a divided answer. To get a clear picture between the two sleeping shelters, I compare them based on several features, including size, safety, and comfort.

I’m quite fixated with this question because I’m planning to camp next year. To get more information about this matter, I have spent a lot of time reading online forums and credible websites. So if you’re interested to know which is better between a hammock and a tent, keep reading below.


Hammock Vs Tent: Which Is Better? All You Need To Know

Packing Size And Weight


The packing size and weight of a camping gear often determines its portability. Since you’ll be camping outdoors, you need a very portable equipment so you can carry it around comfortably. The smaller and lighter the equipment, the better.

The hammock can be folded to a size as small as two Nalgene bottles together. It’s even lighter than one pound. However, if you add in the aluminum carabineers, straps, and tarp, then it’s a different story.

The tent is heavier and folds larger than a hammock. If you use a larger structure, you need to carry more parts, like tent poles and stakes. What’s worse is these parts may get damaged along the way, so proper care should be maintained.

Verdict: The winner here is the hammock because it is smaller and lighter to pack. Although it can weigh similarly to a tent with all the accessories included, it has less moving parts than the tent. This makes it more portable to bring in your backpack.

Comfort And Protection


Of course, the purpose of using a hammock or a tent is to have a comfortable sleep even when outdoors. When the weather comes to worse, you need a nice protection to protect you from the cold and rain.

Some people find comfort sleeping in a tent because you can lie down flat on the ground with a good cot or sleeping pad. However, you need a flat ground to set up your tent or you’ll feel the rocks on your back. Nonetheless, nothing beats a tent when it comes to protection against rain, snow, and wind.

Sleeping above the ground on a hammock is a great comfort if you want to breathe the fresh air and watch the night sky for a great outdoor immersion. Although it might take some time before you can get used sleeping shaped like a banana, you can be protected from the rocks and flood on the ground. However, this will be a problem when it rains because it lacks the four walls and a roof of a tent.

Verdict: In the second round of hammock vs tent, the winner in terms of comfort and protection is the tent. Since I like to toss and turn while sleeping, I find it easy doing them in a tent than a hammock. I can also feel secured when it rains and snow.

Ease of Setup


One of the perils of sleeping outside is to find a great location for sleeping. For a tent, you need a flat ground. If you’re using a hammock, you need two sturdy trees to string it up.

To set up a tent, you need some poles and stakes to secure it the ground. If you bring a larger tent, you might need more hands to help you erect the structure. This is ideal if you’ll be camping in a campsite.

With a hammock, you can set it up more quickly. All you need are two solid trees and two nylon straps to hang it securely. If you like a roof above your head, you can set up a tarp overhead. However, this may be a limitation if you’ll be resting on a campsite or on beaches.

Learn how to set up a hammock in this video here.

Verdict: So if you’re looking for an easy setup, then the hammock is a real winner here. Most people say that they can string the hammock around the trees in a matter of two minutes. Just make sure that you secure the strings on solid trees.

Bottom Line

Based on the hammock vs tent comparative analysis above, the better camping shelter is the hammock because it wins the most rounds. The hammock wins in terms of packing size, weight, and ease of setup. Although it can be inferior to the tent in terms of comfort and protection, you can get used to the cuddled sleeping position and can get protected against the rain by putting a tarp overhead.

Have you used a tent or hammock already, let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Don’t forget to share this article if you like it.

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