How Far Is Camp Pendleton From San Diego? All You Need To Know

If you live in the state of San Diego, and are looking for a place to have fun with your friends and family, you may want to check out all the fun activities that you can try out at Camp Pendleton. Camp Pendleton is found near the Southern California coast, which makes for a fun road trip for the weekend.

If this is your first time to hear about the place, read on to know how far Camp Pendleton is from San Diego as well as what are the different things you can do once you get there.


What is Camp Pendleton

Camp Pendleton is actually a Major Marine Corps Base Camp in the west coast. It was established back in 1942 as a place to train U.S. Marines for World War II.

Today, Camp Pendleton is home to myriad Operating Force units, the Pendleton Paintball Park, the Marine Memorial Golf Course, and more. It is simple a place that you can take your family over the weekend since it is filled with a lot of recreational spots.

Things to Do at Camp Pendleton

There are a lot of recreational spots in Camp Pendleton that your family or friends can surely enjoy. Here are some things you can do once you visit Camp Pendleton:

Have Fun at Leatherneck Lanes

Leatherneck Lanes is one recreational spot in Camp Pendleton that offers bowling, live sports viewing, and an arcade for kids, pool tables, restaurants, and more.

Play Laser Tag at Camp Pendleton Playland

If you’re coming to Camp Pendleton with your friends or with your kids, you may want to play a fun game of laser tag at Camp Pendleton’s Playland. This recreational spot will offer you a ton of activities to try including 9 bounce houses, an outdoor laser tag, a zipline, and a Nerf Wars Arena.

Ride Horses


Camp Pendleton is home to the Stepp stables where you can learn to ride horses in the best trails in San Diego. This place offers both public and private training sessions for Western, English, jumping and dressage lessons for people with ages 7 and up.

Practice Your Tactical Skills through Paintball

Camp Pendleton has a 30-acre paintball park that is ideal for both adults and children. The Pendleton Paintball Park has four gameplays that are designed for several age brackets. Paintball and Airsoft battles are allowed for ages 10 and above, Splatmaster for younger kids with ages 6 to 9, and Paintball lite for children ages 8 to 12.

Play Golf


If you’re a fan of hitting greens, you should definitely head down to the Marine Memorial Golf Course in Camp Pendleton. This hidden golf course lies within Windmill Canyon, making it a challenging course for any seasoned golfer.

How Far is Camp Pendleton from San Diego?

If you are planning on going to Camp Pendleton by car, you should be prepared for a 48.64-mile ride. It can be a bit long and may take you a couple of hours and about $10 worth of gas for a roundtrip, but it will be surely worth the drive because of all the fun things you can try out once you get there.

Tips for Visiting Camp Pendleton

Since Camp Pendleton is a Marine Base, there are a couple of rules you must be aware of for a hassle-free trip. Here are a couple of tips you should know about before you visit Camp Pendleton:

  • If you are not official military personnel, you must complete Camp Pendleton’s online activities form seven days before your trip in order to gain permission to the base.
  • If you are not official military personnel, you may only enter Camp Pendleton through the San Luis Rey Gate, the Main Gate, Christianitos, and San Onofre during the day.
  • Bring a valid ID and proof of your car insurance as well as the registration.
  • Once you get to any of the public gates in Camp Pendleton, you must present your valid ID, and tell the guard your planned itinerary. If needed be, the guard may require you to pull over to review the information you presented.

A Quick Recap

Camp Pendleton is a great place where you can play golf, ride horses in the best trails in San Diego, play paintball with your friends or kids, and chill out and watch some live sports or eat at a restaurant. However, you must not forget to bring valid IDS and complete their online forms at least one week before your trip to gain access to the base.

If you think this article was helpful, and would like to read more about travelling, please leave us your feedback in the comment box below. Until next time, enjoy!

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