tornado safety tips

Tornado Safety Tips

March 20, 2016 Guest 0

Back in 1997, I survived a relatively powerful tornado. Needless to say, it was a terrifying experience. If I didn’t have my underground bunker at […]


Going off the Grid Mistakes

March 7, 2016 Guest 0

Contents1 10 Common Mistakes People Make When Going off the Grid1.1 1) Not having a reliable water source1.2 2) Not having appropriate gardening experience1.3 3) […]


How to Live off the Land

March 1, 2016 Guest 0

So, you want to learn how to live off the land? Well, you’re not alone. Each year, thousands of people make the switch to self-sustainability. […]

Common Purpose Meets Serco

April 27, 2011 Guest 0

Update: Some years ago, an article appeared here about the British company Serco (Service Corporation). In other posts here, we have clarified that our purpose […]