Starting a Fire Without Matches – 6 Unique Ways

Whether you’re in the wild, or in an urban setting, starting a fire without matches is a crucial skillset to have. As you know, fire serves many purposes in the wild, including heating food and water, providing warmth, lighting up the way at night, and even allowing you to defend yourself against predators. But none of this matters if you aren’t able to make one. I would recommend learning how to make a fire without using matches. Why? Because there may come a time when you won’t have them. The methods below will teach you ways for starting a fire without matches. Let’s get started.

#6: Gum Wrapper + Batteries

Rather than bore you with “traditional” ways of making a fire, we’re going to talk about some unique ways that you’ve probably never heard of. The first way is to use a gum wrapper and some batteries. I’ve tried this method myself, and I can tell you firsthand that it works. The key is to cut the wrapper into the right size. If it’s too wide, it won’t heat up, and if it’s too narrow, it will burn up before you’re able to get the fire started. If you don’t have gum wrapper, you can use aluminum foil. When starting a fire without matches, it’s one of the more reliable methods to use. Here’s a video showing you exactly how to do it:

#5: Brake Fluid + Chlorine

If you’re able to get some chlorine powder (or tablets) and brake fluid during a survival situation, then you can make a fire. It’s unlikely that your laundry chlorine will work, so you’ll need to use shaved tablets or chlorine powder for a pool. This is a highly exothermic process, meaning it’s going to release a lot of heat (so be careful). Make sure that you have your tinder pile nearby so that you don’t waste the flame. When starting a fire without matches, this is an example of a chemical process. Here’s a video of how it’s done:

#4: Cell Phone + Steel Wool

Today, it’s rare to see someone without a cell phone. But very few people realize that their cell phone can do more than send texts and browse through social media. Besides calling 911, are there other ways that your cell phone can save your life? As it turns out, the answer is definitely “Yes”. Cell phones have batteries that are able to ignite things like steel wool. It’s one of the easiest methods for starting a fire without matches. Don’t take my word for- here’s a video showing the process live:

#3: 9V Battery + Steel Wool

Similar to method #8, you can use a 9V battery to start a fire with steel wool. The chemical process by which this happens is basically the same. The only difference is that you’re using a bigger battery. Keep in mind that you can also use car batteries the same way. When you’re in an urban survival situation, this is a super-valuable skill to have. It can also come in handy for when your vehicle has broken down in the desert and you’re waiting for rescue to arrive. Either way, here’s how it works:


#2: Soda Can + Sunlight

As far as starting a fire without matches is concerned, this is arguably the most challenging method. I’m not saying it’s impossible (the video below proves that it is). But it will require that you angle the soda can just right. Here’s a quick piece of advice to remember: if you have some toothpaste on you, rub it on the bottom of the soda can (or beer can). This will make it clearer and allow it to capture the sun more easily. Using the sun to start a fire isn’t always the easiest method out there, but never count it out as a potential option. Here’s how it’s done:

#1: Flashlight Reflector + Sunlight

As you just saw, it’s possible to harness UV light to make a fire. The reflector in a flashlight can also be used for starting a fire without matches. Similar to before, you’re going to capture sunlight and focus it to a specific point. Keep in mind, this method only works in places where the sun is fully visible and bright. If the sun is only partially out, or if it’s not very bright, you’re going to have a difficult time applying methods #5 and #6 from this article. The following video does a good job at showing you how to do it:

Starting a Fire Without Matches – Bottom Line

The above methods for starting a fire without matches work great for both the wilderness and urban settings. What I like about them is their simplicity. Even with minimal knowledge about survival and preparedness, you’ll be able to start a fire within seconds. It really is amazing that methods like this exist. With that being said, be sure to check out our article, 4 Ways to Make a Fire in the Wild. It will teach you some more “primitive” methods for starting a fire without matches in a wilderness setting.

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