Solar Powered Products

Welcome to the ever-changing world of solar powered products! A few short years ago, whenever someone mentioned “solar power,” the image of panels on a roof would come to my mind. Today, however, the world is quickly becoming more aware of the extensive variety of energy-saving alternatives that have come to the market.

It’s not unusual to see someone camping miles away from the nearest road while using their cell phone connected to a small and efficient sun-powered panel. Or, perhaps you’ve seen those incredibly popular inflatable solar “Luci Lights” that offer hours of soft light on a single charge.

At a picnic area, you may see a family whipping up a meal in a solar grill instead of firing up charcoal soaked in a petroleum-based lighter fluid.

It is a lot of fun researching and discovering the nearly endless supply of products powered by nature. We’re glad you are here to enjoy this journey with us! Read on!

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