Free Gear

We're locating and posting offers from sites that offer free prepper gear to add to your bug out bag, first-aid kits, EDC kits, etc. A lot of these types of items are actually pretty handy to have around for ordinary, everyday use as well! In addition, we're including other free resources when we locate them - including publications and stuff that's useful, not just for emergency preparedness, but also gardening, homesteading, off-grid living, etc!

Really…Free? The following survival items are free (how it typically works with these places is that you just pay for shipping, just read the details on each offer.). 

So why would a company do this? Just like when you're wandering around at a grocery store or farmer's market where vendors give away free samples, it's a way to get a potential customer to try out their stuff. You get to know them and their products, and hopefully they will win you over as a paying customer in the future. 

Note: These are affiliate links which means that if you do wind up buying something from them as a result of clicking them, we may be credited with the sale, and the merchant may pay us a small commission.

We'll add to this list whenever we locate a new merchant who wants to offer up some freebies! 

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