More Great Coupon Codes!

Hi! We've been getting more and more coupon codes for various products that our vendors offer, and thought that it might be time to get a bunch of them in one page. Obviously, this page will change as product offers change, but we'll update as much as possible!

Current Coupons From Our Vendors

White Duck Outdoors Coupons

GRAYL Water Filtration Bottles Coupons

BattlBox Coupons

Epic Water Filters Coupons

  • ON-GOING FOR TRUTH SURVIVAL READERS! Hi folks! THIS is a special Epic Water Filters coupon code JUST for you guys! Visit Epic Water Filters, and use code TRUE20 for 20% off your order! (You won't be able to combine this code with other ones, but it's ongoing!). Thanks so much for your visit! CLICK HERE to Visit EPIC WATER FILTERS!

Legacy Food Storage Coupons

  • Hi folks! We saw that on Legacy's Home Page, they have a sale stated up in the top of their site that states, "100% Free Shipping on All Orders. Use Coupon LEGACY to save 10% (ends soon). I don't know how long they will have that posted, but that's what I saw as of April 2023. CLICK HERE to Visit Legacy Food!

MyMedic Coupons

Survivor Filter Coupons

  • An EXCLUSIVE CODE for our readers is ON-GOING! To save 10% sitewide simply use the code TRUTHSURVIVAL10 at checkout! Visit their Home Page HERE!  
  • By the way, I'm actually a Survivor Filter customer - we have an under-sink filtration unit in our house! We love it! See photo below... We also have an extensive Survivor Filter Review HERE.
Survivor Filter Max Review

Survivor Filter Max Review - Installation BEST UNDER SINK WATER FILTER 2