As of 2019, we have new management here at TruthSurvival.com. We love what the former management did here over the last couple of years, and we applaud his outstanding work. He originally took on the task of building this website to teach newbies about survival and disaster prepping. As he was researching and writing the articles for this site, he did a great job of writing with the idea in mind that he once knew nothing about survival.

He also stated that, “for that reason, (he would) always use simple, easy-to-understand language in all of (his) articles,” and we intend to continue that practice going forward.

While this website originally began as a prepping and survival site (peppered with the occasional conspiracy theory which dates back from when this site was in its earliest incarnations), there is a lot more we would like to add. As we bring on new members of our team, we will be expanding our categories to include new products. For just a few examples:

  • More solar powered products have come to market since this site first opened its doors, and we want to bring these to your attention.
  • Products that were previously reviewed here may have been updated since the original features were published, so we will provide updates when possible.
  • Technology has changed and advanced in nearly every category – better and more lightweight materials may be used in outdoor products, communications equipment continues to change, there are more emergency preparedness options available when it comes to food supplies and water purification, and so on…

We’ll be updating more and more, so stay with us!

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