Alternative Energy

As more and more of the population embraces alternative energy as a mainstream option for powering their homes, cars, and even charging various hand-held devices, the options for homeowners and preppers alike have truly opened up. At we are continually amazed at the advances being made in solar powered chargers, and even solar powered ovens. It’s gone so far beyond merely putting up a wind generator or solar panel grid in the field. Our alternative energy category explores how far we have come, along with the fantastic products that everyone can use – not just folks who are living off the grid! From everyday use and saving energy to making it through the days and weeks after a major storm or other natural disaster, you will gain a deep appreciation for these inventions.

Bedol Water Clock

The Bedol Water Clock Review

I recently moved to the land of hurricanes (aka Florida), and while unpacking, found my trusty old Bedol water clock. I have had this thing for what seems like a decade - although I'm guessing it's ...

Going off the Grid Mistakes


10 Common Mistakes People Make When Going off the Grid Living off the grid is something that many people aspire to do. The idea of having no bills and being able to self-sustain your lifestyle is ...

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