White Duck Outdoors Coupon Codes and Specials

If you enjoyed our White Duck Outdoors review of their famous canvas tents, then you will love these White Duck Outdoors coupon codes and specials that the company is offering!

In our extensive post about the different types of tents, we mention "Live Action Role Playing (aka larping) and glamping which are two favorite uses for canvas tents these days. I myself have seen these in action during annual "Musters" - reenactments where participants dress up and live as though they were still in that time in history. It's fascinating, and fun to watch the demonstrations. Here is a video of a French and Indian War Reenactment. You'll notice the canvas tents in the background!

(Scroll below the video to see the coupon codes that are current this month.)


Not Just Canvas Tents

While White Duck Outdoors is widely known for their canvas tents, they offer other great products as well! Here is a brief list (with links that will open to each product in another window) of some of the gear: 

White Duck Prota Tent

The Prota Tent is new at White Duck Outdoors this year, and through September 2022, you can save 15% off Prota Canvas Tents with code WDPROTA15

Click either the picture of the Prota Tent at the left, or click here to visit the product page.

One of the cool things about the Prota Cabin Tent is that it is a great example of a truly classic looking cabin tent! They have sizes 7' x 9' as well as 10' x 10' AND 10' x 14' - so quite a range to choose from. 

Don't forget to copy and paste the coupon WDPROTA15 at checkout by September 30, 2022!

White Duck Jogger Pants

Again, White Duck Outdoors is more than canvas tents, and in an effort to introduce the public to some of their clothing, now through the end of the month (September 30, 2022), you can get 20% off Jogger Pants with code WDJOGGERS20

More White Duck Outdoors Coupon Codes and Website Specials

I was just over at the White Duck Outdoors website, and noticed that they have (as of September 16, 2022) a few "Limited Time" offers. Go to the Home Page HERE, and look at the top of the page. 

I'm seeing a "$100 off ALL TENTS" coupon code: TENTS100 

Also, I'm seeing - again, stating "Limited Time" offer of "25% off ALL TARPS" coupon code: TARPS25

(NOTE: At this time, I don't know when that "limited time" ends, so it may be a good idea to check these out sooner rather than later).

Stay tuned for more deals from White Duck Outdoors!