White Duck Outdoors Coupon Codes and Specials

Greetings! As soon as we get word of new sales and coupons, we update the page! And we've got some sales to announce! As of December 17, 2023, White Duck is offering some excellent Holiday Sales HERE! I'm seeing 20% off a bunch of tents, and 35% off other gear, and up to 50% off tactical clothing.

If you enjoyed our White Duck Outdoors review of their famous canvas tents, then you will love it when White Duck Outdoors coupon codes and specials are announced. Coupons are a fairly new development for White Duck, so please stay tuned.

In our extensive post about the different types of tents, we mention "Live Action Role Playing (aka larping) and glamping which are two favorite uses for canvas tents these days. I myself have seen these in action during annual "Musters" - reenactments where participants dress up and live as though they were still in that time in history. It's fascinating, and fun to watch the demonstrations. Here is a video of a French and Indian War Reenactment. You'll notice the canvas tents in the background!

(Scroll below the video to see if there are any coupon codes available. This page is updated whenever they have a promotion.)


Not Just Canvas Tents

While White Duck Outdoors is widely known for their canvas tents, they offer other great products as well! Here is a brief list (with links that will open to each product in another window) of some of the gear: 

  • Current White Duck Outdoors Coupon Codes & Deals

    UPDATE December, 2023: I just visited the site, and it looks like their Holiday Sale is in full swing! Over 20 products are anywhere from 20% off up to 53% off! I am buying 2 pair of the Aztec tactical pants for my hubby, because they are on sale for 50% off! I don't know how much longer the sale will run, but it was definitely still going as of Sunday morning, 12/17/23. This is the perfect time to gear up for fall and other upcoming camping adventures!

    A few of our favorite items included in the sale (And they said no coupon needed!):
  • HOPLITE Canvas Duffel Bag: The Hoplite Duffels are military-style bags designed for durability and capacity. They’re versatile, super strong bags perfect for travel, camping, storage or moving.
  • Rectangle Canvas Firewood Log Carriers: These TUFF Log Carriers are constructed from superior waxed canvas for a stylish look and supreme performance. In several styles and colors, they’re the perfect accessory to your campfires.
  • Aztec Tactical Pants: These ripstop tactical outdoor pants are durable and comfortable, so they're the perfect fit for any outdoor activity or adventure. BTW: My husband LOVES these!
  • Dog Bed: (Personally, I want the dog in the photo! <3 )This dog bed is the perfect complement to your outdoor adventures. With a rip and tear proof removable cover and soft, comfortable filling your pets are in for a good night's sleep.
  • Cargo Stretch Jogger Pants (on this apparel page): These cargo stretch jogger pants are the perfect blend of comfort, sustainable manufacturing and style. Move freely with a crucial stretch element and wear them every day, wherever you go.

    Also on sale (which you'll see when you visit the main sales page) are tarps, canvas aprons, and other bags. Enjoy!

Other Deals and Pages to Check Out!

  • 20% off a bunch of the Alpha Wall Tents! NO COUPON NEEDED! Plus, you get FREE SHIPPING! The discount is built in to the page. CLICK HERE TO VISIT ALL CANVAS TENTS
  • Save Money on a 2nd Hand Tent! We just discovered that White Duck Outdoors has a "Resale" page where you can get a quote on a 2nd hand tent (think, "returns" or "ordered wrong tent"). Simply fill out the inquiry form and they'll get back to you with a quote. CLICK HERE TO VISIT "RESALE" PAGE. Please note that they sell out quickly, so I just want to forewarn you.
  • See the "Newseletter" Promotion below. In the bottom left hand corner of White Ducks pages, you'll often see a little promotional "button." Read about that either by scrolling further down this page or jumping to the section here.

10 x 10 Prota Deluxe - White Duck Outdoors Canvas Tents

Click either the picture of the Prota Tent above, or click here to visit the product page. 

White Duck Prota Tent

The Prota Tent is one of the most popular canvas tents at White Duck Outdoors. 

Additional Note: if you subscribe to White Duck Outdoors' newsletter, you will automatically be placed on the list for the next promotions. 

One of the cool things about the Prota Cabin Tent is that it is a great example of a truly classic looking cabin tent! They have sizes 7' x 9' as well as 10' x 10' AND 10' x 14' - so quite a range to choose from. 

Check Out the Regatta Bell Tent! Numerous sizes - Sandstone color

These Bell Tents are very popular, and we see them frequently at "glamping resorts." To see them all on one page, check out the White Duck REGATTA BELL TENT, in any size (Sandstone Color) 4 shown on this page HERE.

These now come in a variety of sizes, including the 8-foot "Mini," the 10-foot "standard," and then the "Luxury" modes in either 13-foot or 16-foot.

Regatta Bell Tent - White Duck Outdoors Canvas Tents

Click here to see the Regatta Bell Tent by White Duck Outdoors Canvas Tents

They Almost ALWAYS Have a Newsletter Promotion

While White Duck Outdoors is primarily known for their canvas tents, it turns out they have some additional items such as clothing and gear. If you go to their home page, you should see a pop up that offers certain deals if you subscribe to their newsletter.

If there is no pop up, check the bottom left corner of your screen (as you see in this screenshot below - but remember, this screenshot is just an example - their offerings change!), and you can join their newsletter there. OR, since I took that screenshot a while back, check the different corners of their home page. I saw a small "Win $500 off" button in the bottom left corner of the home page as of December 17, 2023. 

White Duck Outdoors newsletter promotion screenshot

Free Shipping Nationwide

There is no coupon necessary for the free shipping. It appears that the company offers free shipping on all their items.

White Duck Outdoors Canvas Tents on Sale!

More White Duck Outdoors Coupon Codes and Website Specials

As of this update (December, 2023), we've noticed that their Prota tents are now considered their most popular option. 

Coupon deals are fairly new for this company, so again, please stay tuned for more deals from White Duck Outdoors!

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