Hiking and Camping

Some of our favorite activities that bring us into the fresh, crisp outdoor air include camping and hiking. There is something about a scenic vista or the peaceful quiet one can only get when sitting around a campfire that draws us outdoors. It’s the same type of feeling you might have when you decide to head out fishing at dawn, or if you are sitting in a deer blind on a cold, still morning. I think, perhaps, it’s a feeling of contentment.

Not only is it good to spend time outdoors, it’s also imperative to be comfortable and adept at surviving in the outdoors, because even if you live in a comfy suburban neighborhood, if a tornado, blizzard, or other act of nature should hit, all bets are off. Once the power lines go down and water stops flowing through your tap, your yard or neighborhood will become your camping ground. And, you will be in a far better position than to weather the storm if you are prepared ahead of time.

In this section we talk not only about the different types of gear that are best (e.g. tents, sleeping bags, boots, etc), but also about the best camping and hiking foods, solar lights, water purification systems, and other supplies that are not just stuff you stockpile in case of emergency, but also for your outdoor fun.

The Ultimate Grayl Water Bottle Review

Grayl Water Bottle Review

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