Luci Inflatable Solar Light Review

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Long time readers of are keenly aware that experiencing a natural or man-made disaster typically comes with its share of horrors. We talk about this all the time. For example, it’s bad enough to have to weather a hurricane or other disaster, and it’s another to try to find some comfort during the aftermath – lack of our creature comforts, less than stellar sanitation, etc. For survivors, the situation can be further compounded by the loss of electricity, which typically makes everything feel ten times worse.

In addition to the stress of not having access to the Internet via our favorite gadgets, the reality of passing the long hours of the night in blackness is not exactly a pleasant concept. I know, from experience, that I definitely wouldn’t want to go through that.

This is especially true since that experience we had in 2017 with going through a big storm and being among the last set of people to have our power and Internet restored. I know the situation would have been much worse if we didn’t have a lighting source. You can read more about that here.

Enter MPOWERD (and Luci)

Thankfully, MPOWERD, the company based in Brooklyn, New York, has come up with the genius creations of Luci lights, which a friend brought to my attention in 2016 . For years, these devices have been positively impacting the lives of millions of people across the globe. They provide clean, reliable lighting for individuals who do not have access to electricity.

This is vital as more than 1.5 billion people in emerging markets are still living without electricity. In a lot of these places, as soon as the sun goes down, children are unable to study and women are at risk walking outside.

Whether it’s a temporary situation brought on by a natural disaster or more long-term situations in which communities do not have the resources to access electricity, these lights are designed to safely, cleanly and effectively bring illumination to what would otherwise be a dark and dismal experience.

Benefits of Solar Powered Portable Lights

Since they are so small when they pack down, these lights are a remarkable addition to any hiking, camping and backpacking trip. They are lightweight and can be easily clipped onto your bag and charge on the go. As previously mentioned, these solar-powered lanterns are also crucial during natural disasters when power is lost.

During calm weather, these devices can be used around your home and can add ambiance when placed around the swimming pool. They also work well on the deck, patio or other spaces you want to illuminate indoors or outdoors. Furthermore, they are handy to keep in your car in the event it breaks down by the side of the road.

These lights have been reviewed and have IP67 waterproof certification. This means the devices can be immersed for 30 minutes in up to 1 meter of water. This is not the highest available waterproofing level; however, it is good enough for the lights to be used in the shower, near a swimming pool or lake.

Types of Luci Lights

 Since its launch in 2012, MPOWERD has grown a lot. Today, they offer a variety of options to provide solutions for your lightning needs. Below are some of the products currently available for sale and for charitable donations to the needy

EMRG 3-in-1 Emergency Lantern

This inflatable solar light is an ideal lighting option for power outages, roadside troubles and natural disasters. It is totally collapsible but can assist you in preparing for emergency situations. It has a fully-waterproof IP67 rating design, which makes it possible to drop it, float it and dunk it and will keep on shining brightly. It is also versatile and can function as a remarkable utility light at home and away.

As the name suggests, this 3-in-1 emergency gadget functions as a flashlight, an emergency light and a lantern. It is also lightweight and tremendously durable. The device recharges in 8 hours but no battery is needed. It is solely powered by the sun. Equipped with 4 LED lights and a high-efficiency solar panel, it has a light output of 25 lumens.

 In addition, there are 4 light settings; these are 1-second flashing, bright, super bright and S.O.S., which emits red and white Morse code. When fully charged, the light can illuminate a space for roughly 7 hours on the brightest setting.

Luci Lux

This chic lantern with its matte finish is powered completely by the sun and no additional battery is needed. Set the light in direct sunlight for 7 hours and on a single charge, you will be able to use it for up to 24 hours.

It has up to 65 lumens and 10 warm white LEDs, making it a clean and reliable source of light. It can transform any moment into an enchanted experience with its 4 modes that are designed to light any scene. The settings you can get with this light are high, medium low and 1 second flashing.

In addition to it visual appeal, the Lux is ideal for emergency situation and is ready to provide a source of light and comfort when the frightening and unexpected happen. It is durable, rechargeable and has a waterproof rating of IP67.

This beautiful and highly functional device can be used as a tool for both first responders and individuals who have been impacted directly by disasters.

The Original Solar Chargeable Lantern

Weighing in at only 4 ounces, the Luci Original collapses to just one inch so it can be easily transported and stored. With a 65 lumen light and a solar charged lithium ion battery added to the mix, you will find yourself with a reliable companion that takes care of your lighting needs; anytime, anywhere and in any weather.

Whether you decide to use it for disaster relief, travel or anything else in between, this impressive lantern will always shine bright. When deflated, it takes up roughly as much room as a drink coaster. The bright light covers a large area and with its solar-charging capabilities, its reasonable price and the flexibility of its size, it is a great lantern to own.

Pro: Outdoor 2.0 With Mobile Charging

This light is the toughest and longest lasting lighting device currently offered by the company. It takes just a few hours to charge it from empty to full. It allows you to use the power of the sun to top up the charge on your smartphone and other electronic devices and still has adequate battery power to emit brilliant light for an extra couple of hours.

With its clear finish, this device provides as much as 150 lumens and a USB cord is included in the package. It has a USB port that’s designed for two-way mobile charging. On a single charge, it lasts up to 50 hours and is fully charged in roughly 2 hours. It has the capacity to charge phones and also has a 4 LED battery level indicator.

 The light is has an IP67 waterproof rating and can be operated in 4 different modes: 1 second flashing, high, medium and low. Its operating temperature ranges between 32 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit. It also protects against overcharging, over discharging, short circuit and overcurrent.

Luci Connect

With its Bluetooth wireless technology, this inflatable solar light has gone hi-tech. Charge it with USB for 2 to 3 hours or place it in direct sunlight for 14 hours and with a single charge, it will last for up to 24 hours.

The corresponding app is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. It allows you to customize it by picking from 3 preset moods and unlimited color options. There is also the option of creating and saving your own moods.

The app also allows you to control hue, brightness and the speed at which the colors transition. You can also conveniently check the battery life whenever the device is out of reach. There are 12 multi-colored and 24 pure white LEDs that surround the edge of the disk. This makes it easy for the light to rise up toward the center and emit as much as 250 lumens.

Along with its role as an emergency tool the Connect is ideal for camping, mood lighting, event décor, lighting for the swimming pool and patio, yoga and spa lighting and for setting the mood for different holidays.

Solar String Lights

These multi-functional string lights are the first of their kind and they come with a mobile charger. They are ready for use on your property or in the backcountry. The lights are remarkable for hiking, camping, glamping and van life. They can also be used as patio lights and as decorative lights for both indoors and outdoors.

Along with the string lights, there are also other stunning decorative lights designed to bring visual impact to different spaces. While these lights are undeniably cool, we purposely concentrated more on products that are designed helpful when no power is available.

Luci Lights vs. LuminAID

While you probably have a pretty good idea of what Luci is all about since we've concentrated specifically on this product in our review, we'll just mention a few highlights. These lights have a number of remarkable features and can be recharged in as little as 7 hours. Additionally, many of the styles can provide lighting for up to 50 hours in a single charge.

Charitable Endeavors

MPOWERD works to provide light for individuals in need. The company has sent lights to more than 100 countries since they launched in 2012, which has positively impacted over 3 million lives.

Their nonprofit partners have used these lights for disaster relief, life-saving search and rescue assignments, education initiatives and improving safety and community health. They have also been used for families who do not have access to electricity.


  • Recharges through solar energy in 7 to 14 hours
  • Depending on the style you purchase, a single charge will last as long as 50 hours
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • Folds flat to under 1.5-inch thick
  • Lightweight
  • 1-year warranty


  • Some have reported cracking plastic and flimsy handles

Presented on Shark Tank, LuminAID is the brainchild of co-founders Andrea and Anna. The lanterns were produced to bring light to Haitians who were severely impacted by a devastating earthquake that hit the country. In excess of 200,000 of these solar lights have been gifted to families in need.

There are 6 different kinds of inflatable lanterns offered by LuminAID. You have the option of choosing multi-color or white LEDs and their lights have both USB and strictly solar charging capabilities. They also have one light that is designed to charge your mobile phone.

Charitable Endeavors

Similar to MPOWERD, LuminAID invites individuals to sponsor a light for a needy family. Through their Give Light Get Light Initiative, supporters can earmark a solar phone charger or solar lantern to go directly to their preferred organization, who will then distribute them to individuals in need.

LuminAID also has a Subsidy Program that allows charitable organizations to obtain more supplies for their causes. These causes include rural development, disaster relief, women's empowerment and education. The company collaborates with these humanitarian groups to attain higher quantities of solar aid.


  • Recharges through solar energy in 10 to 16 hours
  • Depending on the style you purchase, a single charge will last as long as 24 hours
  • Floats and is Waterproof (IP67)
  • Folds flat to under 1.5-inch thick
  • Lightweight
  • 1-year warranty


  • Some have stopped recharging via solar energy

Final Thoughts

Even though my original introduction was to the Luci, and that's where we got our solar light, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't buy yours from either company - or, frankly, from any of the other solar lights we've reviewed

We like both MPOWERD and LuminAID - not only because of the total cool design, but also because both are committed to providing solutions to lighting problems that are both temporary and long term in nature. As such, your purchase from either company helps in brightening the lives of vulnerable individuals across the world.

We recommend either - or both! 

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