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Water is one of the most precious resources for not only the human body but the Earth as a whole. The human body composition is over 60% water, and it is vitally important that we consume water in order to stay healthy.

However, the growth of human civilization has increased the amount of compromises the quality of drinking water. Even though the Earth is over 70% water, it is naturally only 2.5% fresh water. Even more so, only 1% of that fresh water is readily accessible to humans.

The combination of pollution and low amounts of fresh water requires us to have solutions in place that allow us to transform non-drinkable water into viable sources of hydration that are fit for human consumption.

This is where Sagan Life comes in

Today we are going to take a look at Sagan Life, a distributor of water filtration products that are designed to provide high-quality, purified drinking water to people around the world. They specialize in water filtration products for all kinds of purposes, including:

  • Survival
  • Outdoor Adventuring (camping, hiking, hunting, etc.,)
  • Everyday personal and family use

We'll go over the history and purpose of the Sagan Life company. We'll take a look at the variety of products that they provide, and then take a more detailed look at 4 of their most popular products. You'll be able to see just how Sagan stands out from the rest, seeing whether Sagan products are a good choice for your water filtration and overall lifestyle needs.

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Their Company Mission

Before we get into the variety of water purification products that Sagan Life provides, we will first take a look at the mission behind this trusted company. As we stated earlier, this company specializes in water filtration products. However, the reason behind this service has many dimensions that focus on human health and protection of the environment.

The Unfortunate State of Drinkable Water

We already mentioned how vital water is for the healthy of the human organism. Not only that but every living organism on Earth requires water in order to survive. However, as organisms that consume fresh water, we have a very limited supply of natural drinking water.

We gave you the figures of the readily-accessible water sources that we have available to us. As you already saw, there isn't that much drinkable water on Earth to begin with. However, the impact of human expansion has put strains that make this already small water supply even more limited.


It's not secret that environmental pollution creates a great deal of obstacles for maintaining human health and the health of the planet overall. However, even with many municipal efforts to clean water so that we can drink it, most tap water, and even bottled water, is unfit for human consumption.

Municipal treatment plants specialize in removing bacterial pollution from water. While this part of the purification process is important, the large variety of inorganic polluting agents that we have in water remained in public tap water. To make matters worse, this contaminated water has to travel through miles of corroded pipes to reach our faucets.

The list of pollutants that remain in water after standard treatment is shocking. Tap water sources have tested for having over 100 pharmaceutical pollutants along with carrying mineral deposits from the pipes they travel through. When you think it can't get any better, the treatment processes use substances like fluoride and chlorine which have adverse effects on human health.

Inferior Water Products

The pollution problems don't just dumping chemicals into water and neglecting to include a full-scale purification. The efforts to provide "cleaner" water in the form of various bottled-water products actually contributes to the pollution that we just mentioned.

Most bottled water on the market comes in plastic bottles. As a result, to consume bottled water increases the amount of plastic people are using as well. Unfortunately, our consumption of bottled water has contributed to massive increases in plastic-based pollution.

This strain is not only an overall environmental concern but this increased plastic pollution directly results in additional strains on water quality and safety. Thousands of animal habitats are destroyed by this plastic, and the plastic itself can degrade and leech into these water sources.

It also goes to note that many bottled waters are actually just repackaged tap water. Either way it goes, you're taking a massive loss.

Sagan's Purpose: Enhancing Human Health Through Environmentally-Conscious Water Filtration

Since clean drinking water is so important to human health, we need solutions that allow us to purify it from the substances that cause it to be unhealthy for us. However, we want these solutions to not only create clean water, but to be able to do so in the most environmentally-conscious way.

It is also very important that these solutions apply to a number of different scenarios. While clean drinking water is extremely important for everyday health it is absolutely vital in scenarios where you might not even have "normal" water sources.

Events like Hurricane Katrina demonstrated how extreme weather events or natural disasters can place people in harrowing survival situations. Even though the people of New Orleans were surrounded by water, they could not drink it because it was highly-contaminated with organic and inorganic pollution.

These situations require filtering solutions that not only clean water, but can do so rather efficiently. This is equally true for those who enjoy outdoor and natural activities where you must rely on your environment to supply your needs. You need products that fit the demands of the rigorous outdoors.

Sagan's investment in water filtration is based on the idea of improving water quality in a way that is environmentally-friendly. The company's commitment to providing clean drinking water is very openly displayed through their dedication to ensuring that their systems produce the healthiest and cleanest water possible.

Their water filtration products are thoroughly tested for their "End of Life" capacity ensuring that they truthfully perform the way they are supposed to. Moreover, they are verified to meet and exceed the EPA standards for quality, water-purification performance.

Their commitment to strict performance and quality tests is matched by their commitment to environmental safety. All their products are free of leeching plastic, and they are reusable.

A perfect example is Sagan's premiere water-filtering bottle, The Journey. Using just one of these particular bottles prevents nearly 1,900 plastic bottles from the being dumped into the Earth.

As we mentioned earlier, clean drinking water is essential in survival situations and natural adventuring. Like you will see with the products we review, Sagan creates products that not only clean water but do so quickly and, in many cases, are lightweight and easy to transport.

Finally, Sagan wants to make their clean-water products available to as many people as possible. They believe that clean water in an inalienable right, and as such they provide products that are rather in expensive. Just to give you an example, the combined cost of the systems we will review today is less than $330. AND, they are offering free shipping!

Sagan Products: A Look Inside

Now that you know about Sagan and its commitment to state-of-the-art water purification, we will now take a look at a sample of the kinds of water-filtration products Sagan manufactures.

A Word On HydraDyne Technology

Before we get into the products, I want to talk about a a feature that comes standard with these filtration products. Sagan purifiers implement HydraDyne Technology, and this feature is one of many efforts that they make to providing not only clean water, but water that is optimal for human health.

The rate of water absorption is the body is dependent upon the surface tension that the water has. This surface tension is measured in dynes, and the human body absorbs water at 45 dynes.

If the water we consume is greater than 42 dynes, it must use energy to break down the water's tension until it reaches 42. So something like tap water, which has a surface tension of 72 dynes, requires considerable work before it is absorbed.

HydraDyne works to resolve this issue by lowering the surface tension of the cleaned water to 52 dynes. As such, the body spends far less time breaking down the surface tension, and the hydration you need is delivered more quickly as well.

When you are camping or hiking, you are more than likely going to engage in one or several activities that are physically demanding. The use of HydraDyne makes it so that your hydration needs are replenished quickly allowing you to operate more effectively.

This is equally, if not more so beneficial to people in survival situations who may be injured. The enhanced hydration capacity conserves energy that can be used for healing and provides optimal uptake so that injured parties can recover faster.

Now, let's take a look at a sample of the products Sagan offers!

Product Reviews


The XStream Straw Filter Purifier may be the most efficient, portable and versatile water filter ever made. As name implies, this 2 - 4-foot straw is designed for you to easily accompany you on your outdoor adventures. Weighing in at only 1 lb, even a child could easily transport this water-purifying straw around.

One of the great features of this straw is its durability. You can drop it and even freeze it, and yet it will still resist breakage and damage. The last thing you would want is for it to break on you in desperate need, and this quality means that you can rely on it to withstand natural stressors.

In addition, the straw prevents you from having to drink while laying on the floor, You simply place the straw-attached filter into the water source and drink like a normal straw. It's very simple, yet powerful enough to purify pool water if necessary.

Unlike other "straw type filters" (like the LifeStraw, which we also like), the XStream has a few more bells and whistles, making this model climb to the top of our recommended filters.

The included bulb-pump sprayer allows you to wash food, fill up containers, and share with others. Each Journey Filter that is included can purify up to 250 gallons of water, and with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, your straw is secured in case of accidental malfunction.


  • Lightweight; even a child can carry it easily
  • Easy as drinking from a straw
  • Spray pump for washing, sharing, and quick container fill-ups
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • No chemicals for purification


  • Does not work for salt water
XStream Straw


UPDATE: It appears that Sagan Life has discontinued the Journey Water Purification Bottle. Not sure what happened.

That said, Grayl has a lot of excellent water filtration bottles to choose from! Check out our extensive review on Grayl Water Bottles HERE! 

In addition to Grayl, Epic Water Filters also has a LOT of highly regarded bottles as well! Check them out HERE, AND don't forget to use our exclusive Epic Water Filters coupon code TRUE20 at Checkout and save 20%!


The AquaBrick system is almost like a Heavy-duty version of the straw and purification bottles. This particular system utilizes a different type of filter, the Duraflo. Its purpose is just the same as the Journey's, only that this filter is made to clean up to 700 gallons of contaminated water and 500 gallons of pool water.

This system comes with a 3-gallon AquaBrick container that is designed to optimally store both water and dry goods (not at the same time, obviously). Despite its volume, this container weighs in at only 2.5 lbs when empty. In addition, the included hand pump allows you to purify 1/2 gallon of water per minute.

The AquaBrick system also comes with a spigot and cap that allows you to turn the "Brick" into a portable beverage dispenser. This versatile system has it all and uses no chemicals or resource-straining tools to operate it.


  • Duraflo Tech purifies 700 gal of contaminated water
  • Can purify 500 gal of pool water in emergencies
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Very versatile
  • Brick can store both water and dry goods in optimum fashion


  • Does not purify salt water
AquaBrick review


AquaDrum review

The AquaDrum Filtration System is another, large-scale system that is designed to purify water from large storage drums. This system works on 55, 30, and 15-gal drums and the 250-gal Journey Filter can filter over 4.5, 55-gal drums before replacement.

The handle pump pours water fast, producing over a gallon of water every 3 minutes. Whenever you choose, you can attach the spigot the the drum to drink and pour directly from the drum itself, and just like the other listed systems, this Aquadrum system is ensured with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


  • Can purify 4.5, 55-gal drums with one Journey Filter
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Water filtration speed at 1 gal/3 min with the hand pump


  • Does not purify salt water


Sagan Life shows that it means business when providing clean water that is not only high-quality, but environmentally-friendly and easily accessible. All of these systems allowed people just like you to have immediate access to clean water in a very simple and seamless way.

About the only negative of these products is that they don't purify salt water. They are not equipped for those purposes, and it would probably require you to have a distiller in order for you to deal with salt water.

However, Sagan really does a lot to provide you high-quality water that is optimized for fast filtering and fast absorption. Moreover, the systems are rather inexpensive. The bottle and straw are both under $50, and the most expensive is the brick at only $179.99. For the speed and versatility of these systems, these filtration products are fairly inexpensive.

We suggest that you give Sagan products a closer look if you have any need for cleaner water with optimized absorption. This especially holds for emergency preparation and outdoor preparation, but these products are just as viable for everyday needs.

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