How To Get A Zipper Unstuck? Simple And Easy Tips

Are you always bothered with a stuck zipper on your jacket, jeans, and bags? Then keep reading as I teach you some easy tricks on how to get a zipper unstuck. All you need are simple things that you can find at home, like a lead pencil, olive oil, and candle.

I gather all this information because I also faced this kind of problem sometimes. I don’t want to apply a brute force in getting a zipper unstuck because it might get it ruined at the end. If you’re interested to know about the easy tricks I discovered, check them below.



What You’ll Need

A zipper may get stuck for various reasons, like accumulated dirt or snagged fabric or foreign object.

Here a few items which you can choose to fix a stuck zipper.

  • Water And Toothbrush
  • Knife or needle
  • Tweezers
  • Candle or soap bar
  • Paperclip
  • Lead pencil

Step-By-Step Instructions

Option 1: Toothbrush And Water

A zipper may get snagged when a lot of debris, like dirt and grime, are accumulated.

You can remove the dirt and grime by brushing the teeth with a toothbrush and water.

Make sure that you remove all dirt in between teeth.

Gear Finder suggests not using any lubricant because it will only magnet more dust.

If you want more convenience, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust effectively.


Option 2: Knife Or Needle


Sometimes, the teeth wires of zipper get bent or separated under duress. This often happens if you run the zipper with so much force. To straighten the bent coil, Bob Upton suggests using a knife or needle.

Option 3: Tweezers


When you find no dust or warped wire on the zipper, you can check its surrounding area for any trapped foreign object. Sometimes, a loose fabric can get snagged into the zipper.

To loosen the fabric efficiently, use a pair of tweezers just as shown in this video here.

You can also tug it away using your fingers.

Option 4: Candle Wax Or Soap Bar


To fix a stubborn zipper, rub it with a candle or bar of soap in an up and down motion. Make sure that you got all the teeth covered to slide the zipper more easily. If you must use a candle wax, choose a natural colored one so it won’t stain your zippers and the fabric surrounding it.

Option 5: Paperclip


Sometimes, your zipper gets worn down and the part where you pull it up or down gets broken. When this happens, your zipper will be impossible to pull up or down, make it stuck permanently. To create a temporary zipper, you can slide a paperclip in the zipper slider.

Watch how a paper clip can solve a stuck zipper in this video here.

Option 6: Lead Pencil


Don’t you know that the graphite material of the pencil can be a natural lubricant? If you don’t have a pencil, borrow from your children and rub the lead on both sides of the zipper. The graphite will help smooth the zipper. After that, you can gently move the zipper up and down.

Option 7: Lip Balm


Ladies, if the zipper of your dress gets stuck, don’t worry because all you need is a lip balm. Similar to how you apply a candle wax, rub it on the teeth of the zipper. Make sure that you use a natural colored one so you can’t stain your dress.

After that, you can slowly move the zipper up and down until it slides easily.

Proper Care And Maintenance Of Zippers

For your bags, PackSmith suggests not overloading it so you don’t stress the zippers. If your bag is full, close it by pulling the zipper together first before you zip it. Never use force in moving the zipper up and down because it will wear it out easily.


You should also regularly clean the zippers with soap and water. Use a washcloth to remove any stubborn dirt and dust. After being close to the ocean, don’t forget to clean the zippers because salt can corrode them.

After cleaning, lubricate the zippers to keen them moving smoothly. Before you apply the lubricant, clean the zipper first to avoid trapping any dirt. Some of the lubricants that you can use include crayons, candle wax, and beeswax.

Final Thought

How to get a zipper unstuck? Well, you can use a lot of simple things, like toothbrush, candle wax, and tweezers. Remember to handle your zipper gently and perform regular maintenance so you can avoid this kind of problem in the future.

If you’ve tried experiencing a stuck zipper, let us know how you solve it in the comments section. For suggestions and ideas, leave them below and don’t forget to share this article if you find this helpful and informative.

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