7 Tips for Living in the Woods

living in the woods

To escape the trappings of everyday life and unwind, people do different things- play golf, go for a jog, or even go on vacation. But for some people, that isn’t enough. Some people prefer to learn ...

17 Bow Hunting Tips

17 Bow Hunting Tips

17 Bow Hunting Tips – Off Grid Survival 17 Bow Hunting Tips – Off Grid Survival Aside from gardening and raising animals, a great way to supplement your food source off the ...

16 Preppers Survival Tools

Multi Tool

Editor's Note: This is a very informative article that was originally posted on 5/29/16 by previous owners of this site. Numerous experts participated in the discussion, and we have archived ...

10 Preps That are 100% Free

prepper stash

I’m shocked by how much money people are willing to spend on survival gear (especially when there’re so many things they can do that don’t cost a dime). Tools, gear, guns, ammo, a ...

How to Pick a Lock

How to pick a lock

Urban Survival 101 – How to Pick a Lock ​In an urban survival situation, all bets are off. You must do everything possible to keep you and your family alive- even if it means breaking into a ...

Aaron Mccollums Final Message

Truth Survival News

The original owner and publisher of this website, Aaron McCollum, stopped posting updates in July of 2011, but many of his readers wanted his work to be archived. While this site has new owners and ...

Synthetic Biology Humans Playing God

Synthetic Biology Humans Playing God

(See Authorship Note below this article) Humans for ions have created an endless number of remarkable things that have both improved our everyday lives and have also been the source of destruction. ...

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