Self Defense

Survival Summit Review

Survival Summit Review

Do you have the skills it takes to survive in the wilderness? Could you survive a SHTF situation on nothing but foraged greens, small game meat, and river water? Most people live in a state of ...

Best Concealed Carry Purses and Reviews

Best Conceal Carry Purse Reviews

My earliest recollections of seeing a female carrying a gun was on the 1960s sitcom, "F Troop" where the beautiful sharpshooter "Wrangler Jane" confidently wore a pistol slung around her hips. As a ...

7 Basic Self-Defense Moves For Beginners

instructor teaching self defense

If someone physically attacked you or a loved one, would you be able to fight back? The reason I ask, is because unfortunately, violence is a fact of life. As you read this, someone, somewhere in ...

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