Finding The Best Cuddy Cabin Boat: Basics You Need To Know

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The open sea is such a great place to explore. Whether you are living within the cold waters up north or warm waters in the east and west, boating is a great experience that’s great to be done alone or with friends and family. Now there are plenty types of boats out there, each designed for a specific purpose.

Some are made to be towed. Others come with cabins that include a bed and a table. The bests ones are those that even come with private restrooms. If you are planning to get a boat of your own, you might want to start your sea endeavors with a nice cuddy cabin that’s sure to set you off at with a smooth start.

Don’t have any clue about cuddy boats? Don’t fret because you have come to the right place. This article will help you figure out a couple of simple things you need to know about cuddy boats and will provide you with a list of the five best cuddy cabin boats you can buy in the market today. Read on and find out more!

What Is A Cuddy Cabin Boat

A cuddy cabin boat is basically like a bowrider but with a closed deck and a living space within it. This type of boat is great for family and friends because of its v-berth, head, sink, and galley. Cuddy boats often have a lot of space for both staff and passengers, making it an ideal boat for relaxed boating. The largest ones today can fit up to 8 passengers.

Cuddy cabin boats usually come with a shallow walkway around the cabin, making the space below deck have enough room for comfortability when walking up to the bow. Most cuddy cabin boats today include several types of features like a towline hook for skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding, a sun pad, and a swim platform. Needless to say, these 16 up to 28 feet boats are ideal for both overnight and day cruising along any island’s coastline.

Who Should Get A Cuddy Cabin

If you are a fan of compact cruisers and open deck boats, the cuddy cabin is a great choice for you. It offers what both compact cruisers and deck boats do, which is a smaller craft, affordability, and several commodities for the pleasure of passengers.

However, unlike cruisers, the cuddy cabin comes with a much more dynamic cruising experience and a sportier style. It makes it somewhat perfect for carving turns and certain water sports activities. If you are planning on taking your boat to different docks from time to time, the cuddy cabin’s reduced size makes doing so a whole lot easier.

Since small cuddy cabins contain fewer commodities, it also takes far less money to maintain. Perhaps the only downside to small cuddy cabins is the lack of an actual cabin itself for overnight stays.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a small and stylish looking boat to use for a short weekend, the cuddy cabin is the right one for you.

5 Cuddy Cabins You Should Check Out

1. Bayliner 285 SB



For around the same price point of a 25-foot bowrider (or actually a little less), Bayliner brings you this 28-foot-7-inch sports cruiser. Now, if you compare this to some of the earlier Bayliner cruisers, these come with softer edges. It also offers a more aerodynamic slope to the foredeck.

If you have had experience with this, you might feel like that slope can sometimes give you the feeling like you’re careening downhill to tend to lines, but the nonskid finish and two-foot- high bow rail will keep your forward movement safe. The design lends volume to the cabin yet looks sleek from outside.


  • Designed with a fixed forward sunshade
  • Engine room makes maintenance easier
  • Comes with a fiberglass head with integrated drain grates
  • Has a wide cabin entrance


  • Is powered by a single engine
  • Can be a bit difficult to dock when the current is strong
  • The pie plate access to the anchor line can be too tight for large hands

2. Chris-craft Corsair 36



The Corsair 36 has completely proven that Christ-Craft was successful in re-establishing its brand identity because of its distinct aft tumblehome in concert with its eye-catching bow flare. Aside from an eye-catching design, the Corsair 36 also boasts the quality of build with it's all resin-infused hatches that make for a tidier appearance.

With this boat weighing in at 16,000 pounds, you will easily experience the bow fall in about five seconds after accelerating at high speed. With the Corsair 36, you will be able to hit about 30mph in just 13 seconds. You will also be able to reach a top speed of 44mph. Whether your plan is to cruise all day or relax over the weekend within this boat’s cabin, the Corsair 36 will surely meet your preferences.


  • Comes with a thick stainless steel swim platform for easy maneuverability in tight docking areas
  • Has a double wide port console passenger seating with its flip-up bolster
  • Has a flexible layout because of the cockpit’s rear facing recliners


  • Some latches in the windshield walkthrough can be quite difficult to reach
  • Very little natural light can enter the room below deck

3. Intrepid 327 Cuddy



Aboard the 327, one notices that the standard seating can accommodate a good-sized group. The forward lounge will easily seat six guests, with room for another four to sprawl. It even has backrests for reclining while facing either forward or aft.

What’s more is that its headliner is fiberglass, easy to clean and reflective. Its headliner also enhances the light streaming through the flush deck hatch and the opaque companionway hatch. It also comes with a couple of Flush-mount cabinets in the lounge, each with a positive latch and frameless doors.

Passengers will also be able to enjoy keeping drinks colds with the drawer-style refrigerator and keep their stuff secure at a hanging locker just inside the companionway.


  • Its hull design is great for heavy and more powerful outboards
  • Comes with excellent service access (pumps, plumbing, wires, and switches)
  • Will let you navigate waters at really high speeds


  • Can be a bit difficult to clean because of the lack of a drain in the cabin sole
  • The galley top isn’t great for keeping loose items because of the lack of a fiddle rail

4. Chris-Craft Corsair 22

Chris-Craft Corsair 22


Chris-Craft’s Corsair 22 brings to mind images of this classic company’s wooden inboards from days gone by, while modernizing the model with a fiberglass hull and other amenities demanded by today's boaters. This boat includes a teak cockpit sole, deck rails and gunwale accents that enhancing its already beautiful and sleek curves and transom tumblehome.

If you plan to take a couple of passengers with you, they will surely love the full-beam transom bench in the cockpit, with beefy stainless-steel grab rails for safety. It is an essential part because a good the Corsair carves tight turns and tops out at 54 mph.


  • Comes with a classic looking design
  • Comes with a fiberglass hull
  • Comes with steel grab rails for added safety


  • Not great for groups
  • Doesn’t have indoor accommodation areas
  • Not great for extremely high speeds

5. MJM 36Z



The MJM 36z provides ease of handling, efficiency and big-water capability. Boasting a length-to-beam ratio of almost 4:1, the 36z is more easily propelled and has a softer ride, like that of a wider boat. It even comes with Joystick controls that make docking easy.

The 36z’s cockpit is an accommodation sensation. It also comes with conveniently placed port and starboards side access boarding doors. The cockpit is also on one level from transom to helm, and fitted with expansive lounges both under the top and in the cockpit. A varnished wood table sets up for dining, and with the curtains in place, occasional guests can overnight in comfort.


  • Very easy to handle and dock
  • Comes with a large bean ratio of 4:1
  • Great for groups
  • Has a dining and sleeping area


  • Not great for boating at extremely high speeds
  • The varnished wood table sets can easily get scratched
  • The headspace below deck can be a bit too low

What’s Our Favorite Cuddy Cabin?

Of all the cuddy cabin boats I have mentioned, I recommend that you go with the Bayliner 285 SB. The Bayliner 285 SB is one of the most affordable cuddy cabin boats you can buy today. It is an excellent choice because of its spacey design that would make any trip a comfortable and homey one.

This boat is also ideal for newbie boat owners because of it easy to maintain engine that is placed in a large room and paired with neatly placed wires for efficient access.

NOTE: This post was originally published on March 11, 2017 as a Guest Post. 

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