MyMedic Review of One Excellent First Aid Kit

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In today's review spotlight, we're going to be talking about MyMedic First Aid Kits. MyMedic is a leading supplier of first aid supplies, and is well-known for their advanced and specialized first aid kits and materials.

Alongside food and shelter, first aid supplies are extremely important for any survival-based scenario. Whether you are a natural adventurist or someone who wants to prepare their family and loved ones for potential, natural disasters, first aid materials can make the difference in life-or-death situations.

We'll go over the history of the company and how they got started. From there, we will talk about the range of products that MyMedic offers, from simple packages for minor injuries to advanced medical kits that provide materials to treat severe injuries like broken bones or even gunshots.

MyMedic supplies a number of kits that require special skills to use. Many of these kits are specifically designed for emergency responders and medical professionals, and require specialized training to use safely and effectively. We'll take a look at what kinds of training you may need to make the most out of these advanced first-aid packages.

So let's get started and take a closer look at MyMedic.

A Little About Me

Before we get started, I want to start with a little about myself. I'm a 31-year-old Chicago native, and in all honesty I am nobody special. I wouldn't even qualify as a naturalist. However, city life presents its own unexpected dangers that can turn an otherwise normal situation into a potential life-or-death scenario.

When I was 17 back in April of 2005, a friend of mine pulled out a gun that he purchased off the street. He was flashing it around like it was a toy, but the revolver was actually loaded in 2 chambers. 

(I'm sure you know where this is going)

He assured everyone that he knew what he was doing, but it was clear to me that this was a very very dangerous situation. However, before I could find an incognito way of leaving, a thunderous, explosive sound rattled everyone present in the house.

The sound was so loud that it actually felt like I got "hit" by it. In fact, it was so loud that I didn't even realize the worst of it: I had been hit. I had been shot clean through the back and out through the chest, and it almost seemed like my body was waiting for me to recognize the problem before I started bleeding. 

We were fortunate enough to have my friend's father in the downstairs living room, and I was even more fortunate that he had considerable survival training in the military. Moreover, we were in an area where we were surrounded by emergency responders.

(CUE: This would have been a REALLY good time for someone to have the MyMedic "Bleed Stopper" MedPack...)

Not Everyone Is As Lucky As Me

As you can see, I made it out of that situation alive and free to casually joke about it. However, there are many other situations where the same injury could result in a fatality.

If his father was not there, then maybe I would not be able to delay the bleeding long enough for the ambulance to perform more extensive treatment procedures. If the paramedics were 45 minutes away instead of only 10, then it might've been too late to save my life.

To be honest, I was extremely lucky, because many people do not have access to fasting-responding emergency services. This is even more truthful when we are talking about situations involving natural environments or disasters. 

Natural Disasters: When Things Can (and Do) Go from Bad to Worse

Hurricane Katrina is a perfect example of how the challenges of natural disasters limit access to crucial emergency care. Both victims of the disaster as well as emergency personnel were heavily restricted by flooding, loss of communication capacity, dangerous terrain alterations and even wild animals.

This is equally true for those of you who voluntarily brave the elements of nature. Camping, hiking, fishing and various other activities can take you and your companions several miles away from emergency care in the case of an unexpected injury.

In both of these situations, being able to treat injuries quickly and effectively is extremely critical. Without proper first aid, a broken limb or untreated wound can quickly lead to infections that can prove fatal in the absence of immediate care from professional emergency help.

The moral here is that there are a number of scenarios where having well-equipped first aid can be the difference maker for ensuring your personal safety. Even if you are a city-kid like I was, having extensive first aid equipment can be a literal lifesaver.

What MyMedic Kits Supply

As you can see, first aid equipment is an often overlooked, but potentially game-changing set of tools for personal safety and preparation for whatever situations life can throw at you. 

However, while many of you have seen various first-aid kits in school, at the gym or even at home, you might not be aware of how extensive first aid kits can be. While there are kits that supply materials to treat minors wounds, burns and bruises, MyMedic goes above and beyond with the kits and materials they provide.

MyMedic has reputation for providing first aid materials that provide treatment for both minor and serious injuries. The goal is to provide substantial aid that can give an injured individual the healing support they need while waiting for professional medical care.

Speaking of professional medical aid...

MyMedic's reputation for highly-specialized first aid equipment is so renown that it provides materials for professionals who need advanced treatment equipment. This includes:

  • Teachers and education professionals 
  • Military personnel
  • Hunters
  • First responders (EMT, police and firefighters)
  • Camp counselors
  • Construction workers
  • Athletic and fitness specialists

MyMedic demonstrates its commitment to high-quality and advanced first aid equipment that it offers discounts to emergency and military personnel, as well as students and educators.

MyMedic's Background

The company was founded as a result of a tragedy that happened in 2010. The company founders lost a family member to a tragic semi-truck accident. The family member died while waiting for emergency personnel to arrive, the likes of which took 30 minutes to arrive.

They found out that another driver on the scene attempted to help, but they did not have critical first aid equipment. Realizing that their family member might still be alive if they had proper equipment, the founders quit their jobs and started a company dedicated to providing these life-saving tools.

The Need For Specialized Training With Advanced First Aid Kits

As we have stated numerous times, MyMedic offers equipment that can treat a variety of serious injuries. An example of this is MyMedic's SHIELD Trauma Kit. This single-person kit has materials that are designed for treating serious injuries until emergency responders arrive.

This range of injuries can include broken bones, gunshot wounds, severe gashes or stab wounds and more. However, these advanced first aid materials are not as simple to use as the bandages, alcohol swabs and gauze that you see in normal first aid kits.

These advanced materials require specialized training to be used in an effective manner. In fact, without specialized training, and individual can easily worsen their condition or the condition or someone they are trying to help.

This shouldn't come as a shock to you if you are interested in these more advanced materials. For example, MyMedic supplies a number of materials that are designed to help individuals open up obstructed airway passages due to injury.

With proper first aid training, and individual can clean airways that are obstructed by choking on body fluids or other blockages. However, if you were to try and use these materials without proper training, an attempt to aid someone could easily result in death.

As such, the use of advanced materials and kits require important first aid training. This is evident by the fact that many of these kits cater to professions where this training is already necessary.

While this is obvious for professions military and EMS professions, first aid training is equally mandatory in fitness and educator professions to name a few. Personal trainers, school teachers and life guards all require first aid training to be properly prepared for the potential demands of their work.

Even if your first aid needs are not professionally-inclined, you don't want to risk your personal safety or the safety of your friends and family by ignoring proper first aid training.

Final Thoughts

While professional first aid materials require adequate training for you to employ them effectively, MyMedic caters to everyday first aid essentials as well. Their medpacks provide essential, yet easy-to-use first aid materials that both well-trained and regular people can use effectively.

In all, MyMedic definitely has the materials you need for a wide and extensive range of first aid applications.

Whether you are constantly engaged in professional arenas where you need to be prepared for a variety of survival scenarios, or you want to make sure your loved ones are taken care of in the case of minor or serious injury, MyMedic will have nearly anything you can think of to keep you prepared.

Check Out These Selected MyMedic First Aid Kits and Supplies

The products we're showing below are just a few of the high quality first aid supplies that you will find at MyMedic. They are a great company (and you will see this for yourself when you visit their site). 

Thanks so much for reading!

Editor's Update:

I just wanted to let readers know that our writer reached out to me to let me know that while he still has trauma to deal with, he has come a long way since the time he was shot, and that his emotional healing continues.

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