10 Best Hunting Apps of 2016

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There are several ways to become more self-sustainable. You can A) Grow your own food, B) Raise animals, or C) Hunt wild game. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the hunting wild game. Specifically, we’re going to show you the 10 best hunting apps of 2016. When SHTF, and all the grocery store shelves are empty, you may need to rely on your deer-hunting (or any other animal) skills to acquire food. Even if society doesn’t crumble, knowing how to get your own food is a good skill to have as a survivalist. Let’s take a look at what they are. (NOTE: Most of these are only available on your App Store for iOS devices, but the HuntStand app now can be seen at its own website here.)

(Note: When this article was first published, a reader also suggested another app that he uses. He preferred “Spyglass” He stated, “I use Spyglass for hunting and navigation. It works when offline and supports several map types. The most helpful function for me is the ability to mark spots and waypoints for tracking. I use it to mark my car and stands locations. https://itunes.apple.com/app/spyglass/id332639548?mt=8” We just wanted to add that resource for you!)

#10: HUNT App

The HUNT App will turn your smartphone into a land identification system. What are some of the benefits to using this app? They include seeing public (and private) landowner names, checking real-time weather, knowing your exact location, seeing hunting units, and seeing roads and trails. All of this is integrated into one easy-to-use app. The best hunting apps should be user-friendly and have simple navigation, which is exactly what the HUNT App has to offer. While the app is free to download, you will need to buy in-app purchases to access the premium features. Since you’ll be getting so many amazing benefits, I consider it a good investment if you hunt regularly.

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#9: Primos Wind

You’ve spent the last two hours stalking a big buck. All of a sudden, he gets a big whiff of your scent, and just like that, he’s GONE. Well, with the Primos Wind app, you’ll never need to worry about this again. This map will keep you updated on wind direction and speed, so that you can always have the upper hand when hunting. Not only that, but it will also track your location in real-time. This is why it’s one of the best hunting apps of 2016. Keep in mind that currently, the app works only in the United States. In the future, they developers may or may not update it for other countries. So if you live in the U.S., take advantage of this app while you can! As you can see from the screenshot below, it’s a very simplified app that can be learned in a matter of seconds.

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#8: Whitetail Freaks Property Manager

For anyone who hunts, this app is a must-have. The Whitetail Freaks Property Manager app will allow you to mark property boundaries, track tree stand locations, and more. This organizational system was built with the regular hunter in mind. By being able to mark food plots and tree stands, you’ll become much more efficient when in the wild. As a hunter, you’ve probably also lost trail cams on more than one occasion. With the Whitetail Freaks Property Manager app, this will be a problem of the past. The reason why it’s one of the best hunting apps is because it’s like having a personal assistant on speed dial when in the field. Check it out and you won’t be disappointed.

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#7: iHunt Journal

Imagine an app that would allow you to record observations, trophies, and hunts all in a single location. Well, the iHunt Journal app offers all these benefits and more. Within seconds, you can access weather data, stats, and records of past hunts. Whenever you make a kill, you’ll be able to record the exact location where it happened. Whether you’re hunting big game or small, it’s one of the best hunting apps to have alongside you in the field. Also, if you happen to get lost in the field, the app’s handy GPS feature will help you find your way out. So not only is it useful for hunting, but it can also help with survival situations as well!

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#6: Deer Tactics & Calls

Are you able to tell the difference between a doe bleat and a doe grunt? Are you familiar with all the sounds that deer and bucks make in the field? If you answered, “No”, then you’re a prime candidate for the Deer Tactics & Calls app. As its name implies, this app will help you learn and interpret the different vocalizations made by does and bucks. The app provides 12 different sounds to learn, as well as a few associated tips with each one. The app currently costs $2.99, which is a fairly good deal considering all that you’ll learn. It’s one of the best hunting apps for learning buck and deer sounds, so I highly recommend investing in it.

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#5: HuntStand

UPDATED for 2021 – The HuntStand Pro  app will provide you with a streamlined view of wind direction and speed, allowing you to position yourself optimally in the field. What I like about this app is that it gives very accurate map-based distances in a variety of units, including yards, acres, feet, and meters. As you can see from the screenshot, the app will show you the distance and direction that your scent is traveling.

Once you have this information, you’ll never need to worry about giving away your position again. Because of these reasons, HuntStand is one of the best hunting apps of 2021 – and has been for several years. It currently has dozens of five-star reviews, and can be downloaded for free, and upgraded to HuntStand Pro for a modest annual fee.

Check our in-depth HuntStand Review Here!

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#4: Hunt Predictor

Whether you’re hunting turkey, deer, or waterfowl, the Hunt Predictor app will give you the highest chance of success. The app’s advanced algorithm uses seven distinct variables to scientifically determine where wildlife is going to be. As one of the best hunting apps out there, you’ll be able to stop wasting countless hours looking for the perfect hunting spot. Make the most of your hunt by choosing a spot that’s most likely to see a lot of wildlife traffic. As with many of the other apps on this list, it also provides you with sun and moon times, as well as an accurate weather forecast.

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#3: Shot Simulator

Do you know the best place to shoot a deer? Is it the head? The ribs? If you don’t know the answer, then you should probably check out Shot Simulator. This app will provide you with an anatomically accurate 3D model of a deer (skeleton, organs, etc.). You can then “shoot” the deer with an imaginary bullet and see what kind of damage it causes. I encourage you to experiment with different angles to see which is the most lethal shot possible on a deer. It’s one of the best hunting apps for learning where to shoot a deer. Disregard the negative reviews in the app store. These are people who mistakenly thought the app was a game (not an educational app).

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#2: Hunting Season Countdown

The Hunting Season Countdown app will keep you updated on exactly (down to the second) how long you’ll need to wait until hunting season arrives. Simply set the date of the game season you’re interested in and the app will begin counting down. With the app, you can take a picture of the game you’re hunting, as well as share your countdown with fellow hunters via email, social media, or text. Personally, I think the app looks really cool. The sleek design and simple user interface makes it worth the $0.99 price tag. Other than that, there’s not much else to say about the Hunting Season Countdown app. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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#1: Act in Nature Hunting

For the serious hunter, Act in Nature Hunting will is highly recommended. It offers accurate mapping technology, user-friendly tracking, and tons of other features. It will give you detailed sun and moon info, as well as accurate weather forecasts (all of which you’ll be able to share with fellow hunters). You can navigate by compass or POIs, as well as calculate the speed and direction of other hunters. As one of the best hunting apps of 2016, you can even record your hunting experience in a private journal to refer to later. There are in-app purchases associated with the app (meaning it’s not 100% free), and there are dozens of positive reviews for it as well.

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Best Hunting Apps – Bottom Line

Even if you’re an experienced hunter, I think you’ll find many of these apps very useful. Having access to wind direction, weather, and target spots on a deer is invaluable information to have. Whether you’re looking to supplement your food source off the grid, or simply want to better your hunting skills in case SHTF, these apps can definitely help you out. Our #1 choices – updated for 2021 – is HuntStand. It is superior. Period. Things have changed in the last couple of years, and HuntStand has nailed it. For more information on how to hunt for wild game off the grid, check out our article, 17 Bow Hunting Tips – Off Grid Survival. Thanks for reading.

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