Top 10 Handguns to Own & Why

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(Note: See Authorship Note following article) Good or bad, guns are a part of life. In the United States, the 2nd amendment is what allows citizens to own guns. Obviously, there are rules you must follow. For example, any guns that you buy must be registered legally. There are also different types of guns that aren’t available for purchase. Additionally, if you’re going to carry a gun in public, you’ll need a permit. But that’s all beyond the scope of what we’re going to talk about today. In this article, I want to show you the top 10 handguns to own and why.

10: Beretta 92

Originally manufactured in the 70s, the Beretta 92 is a great option for self-defense. It was adopted by the United States military in 1985, and remains a popular model today. There are a few reasons why it’s recommended for self-defense. First, it offers impressive firepower and is easy for beginners to use. It’s durable, accurate, and absolutely safe. Many people consider the Beretta 92 to be the most reliable semi-automatic pistol on the planet. Whether or not this is true doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s an amazing model. That’s why it made this list of top 10 handguns. Expect to pay between $600 and $900 (sometimes more) for it.

9: Beretta 8000

Also referred to as the “Cougar”, the Beretta 8000 is a close cousin to the Beretta 92. In fact, it was created because of the Beretta 92. Basically, people wanted a handgun that offered the best of both worlds- high accuracy/power and the ability to conceal. Thus, the smaller Beretta 8000 was born. The reason why it’s one of the top 10 handguns is because it’s easy to conceal, but doesn’t lack in power or precision. Overall, it’s an accurate, dependable, and fun handgun to shoot. Whether you’re using it for home defense or in public, it’s a great weapon to protect yourself with. Currently, you can purchase one for about $500, which is a good deal in my opinion.

8: Springfield 1911-A1

The Springfield 1911-A1 handgun dates all the way back to WW1. It’s a top-rated model that was used by the military until the 1980s. One reason why it’s so popular is because of its lack of recoil. It’s also accurate and easy to carry. Being such a compact pistol, it’s obvious why I had to include it in this list of top 10 handguns. I really like the gun’s wooden grip panels. They’re nicely checkered, bear the Springfield Crossed Cannons emblem, and give the gun a nice look. Depending on the condition you buy it in, expect to pay between $700 and $1,300 for this model handgun. I particularly recommend it over the Beretta 8000, but it’s still a solid option to consider.

7: Glock 19

Originally produced in the 1980s, the Glock 19 was made for the military and law enforcement. However, due to its durability, precision, and quality grip, it quickly became a top choice for gun enthusiasts. What makes the Glock 19 so special is that it’s composed of only 34 parts. This means that there’s less of a chance that it will malfunction. The gun’s effectiveness and simplicity is what makes it so popular. Basically, if you’re able to pull a trigger, then you can use this gun. The magazines are able to hold 15 bullets, which is more than enough to protect yourself. As one of the top 10 handguns in the world, expect to pay a moderate $600 to $700 for a new Glock 19.

6: Sig Sauer P226

Sig Sauer is a reputable gun manufacturer that consistently produces high-quality products. For this reason, whenever you invest in a Sig Sauer P226, you’re also investing in a great brand. While you can buy the P226 in different calibers, the 9mm is the most common choice. It’s a beautiful handgun that fires accurately and with power. Note, it’s perfect for people with bigger hands. If you have bigger hands, you already know how difficult it can be to buy a handgun that fits. The Sig Sauer P225 is an exception to the norm. Due to the fact that there’s no manual safety on the gun, I’d consider better-suited for experienced shooters. Still, it’s on this list of top 10 handguns because it’s highly effective at bringing down attackers. Expect to pay between $900 and $1,200 for it.

5: Ruger GP-100

The Ruger GP-10 is an American-made handgun that packs quite a punch. Just like all most revolvers, it has a relatively powerful recoil. But if you can get past that, you’ll own a gun that can really get the job done. There are two versions of the Ruger GP-100: 6-shot and 7-shot. For the average consumer, the 7-shot model can be difficult to find. Another reason why it’s one of the top 10 handguns is because it’s perfect for any skill level (beginners and experts alike). Unlike other revolvers, the gun doesn’t expose any metal on the grip. You might also be surprised to hear that it’s not that expensive. For about $700 to $800, you can own a powerful revolver that will keep you and your family safe.

4: Rossi .38 Special

In general, revolvers aren’t well-known for being accurate over long distances. However, the Rossi .38 Special is a nice exception to the rule. Its accuracy is pretty good for a revolver, which can definitely come in handy when defending yourself. You can buy it in stainless steel, steel, or black. One of the reasons why it’s part of this list of top 10 handguns is because it can fit virtually any hand type/size. As far as durability is concerned, you can’t get much better than this revolver. Another advantage to the handgun is its grip. Since the grip is sticky, it will prevent slippage during use. Remember, during a real-world self-defense situation, dropping your gun can mean dying. Finally, due to its relatively small size, it’s great for concealment. Overall, I give it an eight out of ten stars.

3: Smith & Wesson Model 60

Most revolvers are known for being able to shoot 6 shots- the Model 60 only shoots 5. This isn’t a huge deal, but it is something to think about (it only takes one to bring down an attacker). First and foremost, know that Smith & Wesson is a reputable firearms manufacturer with years of experience under their belt. If they build a gun, you can be rest assured that it’s high quality. Don’t be fooled by the gun’s small size- this thing is powerful. The recoil is quick but also packs a lot of energy. Still, I would recommend this gun to any newbie or experienced shooter wanting a little more peace of mind. It’s for these reasons that it’s one of the top 10 handguns you can buy. You can own one for about $800 depending on where you buy it from and what condition it’s in.

2: Smith & Wesson Model 10

In yet another model by Smith & Wesson, the Model 10 is an amazing handgun. In fact, it’s one of the most popular revolvers in the world today. This 6-shot revolver was once used by the military but has since then been retired. A nice feature to the Model 10 is that it fits most hands. So whether yours are big or small, you shouldn’t have any difficulty using this gun. The reason it’s one of the top 10 handguns is because it’s super-easy to reload. It also offers pretty good accuracy. If you’re looking for a quality revolver that won’t break the bank, this is definitely the option to consider. It currently sells for between $600 and $800.

1: Colt Python

The final gun on our list of top 10 handguns is the Colt Python. It looks amazing, offers great power, and is extremely durable. Most gun enthusiasts consider it to be one of the greatest revolvers of all time. That’s impressive when you consider the vast number of handguns that have ever been built. While it has been discontinued, this doesn’t mean that you can’t buy on. Just be prepared to pay big bucks. The average Colt Python will run upwards of $2,000 (most likely more). That’s quite an investment, but in return, you’ll be receiving one of the best revolvers out there. For protecting your family, there are few better handguns than this one. One shot from this gun can prove fatal in a self-defense situation.

Top 10 Handguns – Bottom Line

So, which of these top 10 handguns is the best? Personally, I’m a big fan of the Beretta 8000. I really like the look, feel, and accuracy of the gun. But that’s just me. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to buying a handgun. Part of being a survivalist is being able to adequately protect your home, and the best way to do this is by owning a handgun. While things like pepper spray and stun guns are fine, they’re not nearly as effective as a quality pistol. That’s why you should consider investing in one of the top 10 handguns in this article.

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