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5 Best Family Emergency Survival Kits

We all try to do our best to ensure that the safety and well-being of ourselves and our loved ones is properly secured. However, situations arise in our lives that are often out of our control, and these particular scenarios can throw huge compromises to that threaten that security.

As such, it is wise for you and your family to be as prepared as you can for whatever obstacle life may throw your way. In this modern day, one tool that can aid in this preparedness is a family survival kit.

Differences Between Family Survival Kits and Individual Survival Kits

Survival kits come in many forms, but are mainly broken into two categories: individual and family-sized. Individual packages tend to be drastically less expensive than family kits, and you might think that buying several, cheaper kits is more economic than buying a full-fledged family unit.

However, from our research of the two different type of survival kits, there are distinctions that make it more wise for families to purchase a family-designed one over those designed for just one person.

Because both kits cater to the needs of the people they are designed for, several provisions are different between the two. Single-person kits tend to focus on giving you tools that allow you to survive one your own. 

As such, these products focus on providing essentials that an individual can carry around easily. They are usually light on sheltering products, and rather focus on items that are can easily be transported by a singular person. Storage of these items can often fit in a hand-held or small book bag.

Family kits, on the other hand, provide a number of items with group situations in mind. Tents and sleeping bags are often supplied within these kits, and the kits often so large that it requires more than one person to carry them around.

In addition, they also can supply items that help you and your family stay in good spirits while they are in their survival situation. This can range from coloring books for children to playing cards and other group-based activities. 

Here, we are going to share the top 5 family emergency kits on the market today. We will list their features, discuss their strengths and weaknesses, and advice on how to pick the best survival package for you and your family. 


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Best family survival kits - Emergency Case Premium Kit

Emergency Case - Premium Family Survival Kit


best family emergency kits - Legacy Premium Family Survival Kit

Legacy Premium Family Survival Kit


Best Family Survival Kit - Redfora Complete Earthquake - Hurricane disaster bag

Complete Earthquake Bag by Redfora 


Best Family Emergency Kits - Rescue Guard Hurrican Disaster Bug Out Bag for Families

Rescue Guard Emergency Survival Bug Out Bag for Families


Best Family Survival Kits - Legacy Premium Food Storage Deluxe Survival Bug In Bag Kit

Legacy Premium Food Storage Deluxe Survival Bug In Bag Kit


Emergency Case supplies a survival kit that is meant to amply supply a family of up to 4 people with the tools they need to survive and thrive in the event of an emergency survival situation.

The Premium Family Survival Kit comes with a generous supply of essential items to keep your family healthy, safe and ready for for the unexpected. The following features are highlighted within this package that show the commitment that Emergency Case places on you and your family's survival needs.

Shelter & Safety - This unit contains 1, 2-person tent that is water resistant and fire resistant. The polyester material prevents the tent from damage due to environmental stress, and allows it retain its shape even after repeated use.

In addition, this package also contains 4 nylon sleeping bags and 4 thermo emergency sleeping bags. You can choose to double up one nylon bag with one thermo bag for added warmth, so even those who sleep outside the tent can enjoy secure sleep.

These sheltering items can be further aided by using the 7-in-1 shovel. This shovel is included so that prepared family can build and fashion environmental sheltering units.

The survival package also includes a number of items to secure you from environmental and human-based dangers. Rain ponchos and face masks are included to keep you dry and safe from airborne agents that inhibit breathing. 

It also includes a rechargeable radio that can be charged with a hand crank. High-visibility vests, mirrors and whistles and included to deter animals or harmful strangers from causing trouble, and a 6-in-1 knife adds protection and allows you to break open jammed doors.

First Aid & Hygiene

In natural environments, hygiene and proper healing items can be vital to your family's survival. Emergency Case includes a top-notch assortment of first aid and hygienic items to keep you in top condition during your survival situation. 

The first aid kit contains items to help relieve and heal from several types of injuries. This first aid kit allows you to dress and clean cuts and burns, along with painkilling medication. 

In cases of more severs injuries like large wounds and broken bones, this kit includes a real tourniquet to stop heavy bleeding and and a splint for broken limbs. 

The Hygienic package comes with a number of items that allow you to keep your skin, teeth and mouth clean. In a survival situation, hygiene can be one of the easiest human necessities to ignore or be unprepared for, and this kit makes sure to have you covered.

Food, Water, and Entertainment 

Out of all the problems that can arise in survival situations, proper nutrition is perhaps the most concerning for people in survival situations. Many people are not very well-versed in foraging environmental edibles, while other survival scenarios can be devoid of food and water entirely.

The food and water package in this kit leaves you well-prepared to supply yourself with the proper nutrition that also allows you conserve precious resources. Ready-to-eat sandwiches and nutrient-dense food rations (in bar-form) supply you with the ready nutrients and energy to brave to survival scenario you are faced with.

Since the food requires no preparation, you and your family do not need to waste time building a fire to cook, nor water to aid in the cooking of food. This is extremely useful in emergency situations, where time, energy and water are extremely vital resources.

When it comes to water, Emergency Case doesn't provide water in the package itself. Instead, it offers a full-fledged water filtration system that kills 99.9% of bacteria and can filter 100,000 gallons of water. 

This feature has a number of benefits. First, it allows you to make clean water from the environment, making you less reliant on rationing pre-packed water. Secondly, it allows you to carry less water at a time if you are close to a water source. This benefits your energy and storage space.

The water package comes with a 2.5 gallon, leak-proof water pouches and 2 large water storing containers for easy pouring and carrying. They can be carried in bags as well as being hand-held friendly. 

Finally, this kit comes with pens, paper, pencils and playing cards to keep your family entertained and upbeat. The rigor of a survival situation can be frightening, scary and emotionally taxing. With a number of group and individual activities to choose from, you can help your family keep a high spirit during their survival situation. 


  • Ample Shelter and Sleeping Amenities
  • Highly durable materials made to last for a long time
  • Clothing and protective gear to protect against environmental dangers
  • Nutrient-dense food rations that last for 4 days
  • Long-lasting and highly-efficient water filtration system
  • Advanced First-Aid Kit
  • Thorough Hygienic items to keep your body clean
  • Entertainment options to keep the family in high spirits
  • Heavy-duty storage container with wheels for easy transport
  • Radio with dual recharging types: solar and manual. Allows people to recharge their phones and communication devices


  • Expensive, coming in at just over $1,000


The Legacy Premium Family Survival Kit is supplied with an impressive array of survival necessities for you and your family. This package covers a number of primary needs for your family, which include sheltering, water, first aid, hygiene, visibility and security.

​Now, note that the emphasis on this is "gear." We didn't see any food with this option; however, that is certainly easily remedied by stocking up on that separately. And Legacy is very well known for its emergency foods. We'll cover that in a separate article.

Shelter, Sleep & Water

This is one of the things we like a lot about this option. Granted, these are not heavy-duty products (remember, this is about emergency survival).


But check this extensive list of gear you get, which many products don't offer in a pre-assembled package:

2 2-person tents
4 highly visible and reflective sleeping bags (helps emergency crews spot you)
1 Hand Chain Saw
1 Roll of Duct Tape
1 Pair of Heavy-duty Work Gloves
1 5mm x 50 ft. All Purpose Utility Rope
24, 4.2 oz. Emergency Drinking Water Pouch
1, 24 oz. Seychelle Flip Top Water Filtration Bottle (up to 50 gallons per filter)
2 - Folding 1 L Water Container
10 - Water Purification Tablet / Powder

First Aid Kit - 60 pcs

4 Folded N95 Breathing Mask
1, 53 pc. Advanced First Aid Kit in 6x9 Poly Bag
1 Self Stick Bandage
1 Tweezers
1 Trauma Scissors
1 Instant Ice Pack
1 Pair of Nitrile Gloves


4 Toothbrushes
2 Toothpaste Tubes
2 Combs
2 Rolls of Toilet Paper
2 Bottles of Shampoo
2, 2 oz. Hand Sanitizers
2 Washclothes
2, 9x12 Poly Carrying Bags
2 Shaving Razors and Shaving Cream
2 Small Sewing Kits
4 Feminine Pads

Visibility, Security, & Misc.

1 Dynamo Radio/Flashlight/Charger (comes with USB charger, which is something of a must-have these days)
2 Large Red Backpacks
4, 8 Hour Hand Warmers
4 Plastic Emergency Rain Ponchos (not to replace a high-quality rain jacket, but good to have)
1 Multi-tool Knife
2 Light Sticks
1 Pencil
1 GI Style Can Opener (we advise practicing using this on a can BEFORE you need to in a real emergency situation)
1 Emergency Preparedness Guide
1 Deck of Playing Cards


  • Ample shelter and sleeping materials
  • Lightweight water filtering and storage materials
  • Gracious Hygienic package
  • Lots of protection against environmental danger
  • In-depth user guides for water filtration and for the entire kit
  • Multiple visibility tools to help you see. Also helps emergency responders spot you
  • USB charging capability, allowing you to recharge your phone and devices


  • No Food


Best Family Survival Kit - Redfora Complete Earthquake - Hurricane disaster bag

Redfora Complete Earthquake Bag - Survival Kit for Families

The Complete Earthquake Bag from Redfora is designed to supply a family of up to 6 people with a generous supply of vital, survival necessities. This bag is designed to provide each of your family members with the food, water, shelter, storage, first aid, hygenic items and safety you need.

Food, Water & Hygiene

Each food package comes with 6, 3600-calorie emergency rations for you and your family. The rations are packed with vital nutrients to keep your strength and energy up, and supplies enough for everyone to have 1200 calories per day.

Water supplies: Redfora includes 72 pre-filled water pouches, nearly twice the water pouches found in generic family packs. In addition, each person is supplied their own hydration bag, with a convenient straw for easy drinking.

If water runs dry, your family is secure with 60 water purification tablets in each package. Even if you run out of water pouches, you can re-supply your water reserves using these vital, water-filtering tablets. I just wish they included an actual filter.

Any good survival pack should come equipped with proper hygienic provisions. Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, combs, toothbrushes, washcloths and tissues are all included so that your family is clean both internally and externally. There are also 6 waste bags that can be used to store trash and other unwanted items.

Shelter, Safety, First Aid & Storage

The Complete Earthquake Bag comes loaded with an abundant amount of sleeping, safety, and storage materials.

Unlike many other survival packs, this group package comes with the right amount of tents and sleeping bags for each of your loved ones. With 3, 2-person tube tents and 6 Mylar sleeping bags, every member of your family is individually supplied with the same sleeping and shelter space.

In addition, Redfora includes both a rolling bag and a large, heavy-duty red backpack. Each bag comes with a large assortment of internal and external storage spaces that easily fit the contents of the package, as well as any extra vital items you have.

Some of the most impressive features within the bag come from the tools that help maintain communication and safety. Each member of your family has their own rain poncho, their own pair of hand and body warmers, and their own dust mask to amply protect from environmental stressors and dangers.

The kit includes a 50-foot nylon rope, mutli-functioning tool, safety googles, sturdy work gloves, waterproof matches and a sewing machine. These tools can help you build new materials that increase sheltering and safety capacities.

The 107 piece first aid kit comes with all that you need to treat the various minor injuries that can arise in a survival situation. You can properly treat cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises and other injuries with the tools in this first aid package.

Lastly, the hand-crank radio provides you the ultimate tool to stay informed and to communicate with the outside world. The radio not only charges without the need for batteries or electricity, but can also be used to charge phones and other devices.

This is extremely helpful for a number of reasons. The radio provides lighting which can be critical to outdoor visibility and navigation. Moreover, the phone-charging capacity give you the chance to contact important people and emergency responders.


  • Twice to water provision of standard survival packs
  • Large assortment of hygienic products and tools
  • Generous sleeping and shelter materials
  • Two different bags for high-quantity storage
  • Full-spectrum protection from environmental dangers
  • Radio with phone-charging capabilities


  • Limited Water Filtration Capacity


Rescue Guard presents a survival package that equips you and your family with major essentials that will get you through a variety of disasters and other tumultuous, emergency situations.

This survival bag comes in 3 varieties, but the most suitable variety for families would be the Advanced package. The advanced package designed to provide you and you loved ones with 72 hours of essential tools and materials to protect your family's safety, provide them with warmth and shelter, and feed them during any emergency.

What's Included?

The list of materials that this emergency bag provides are meant to satisfy 4 primary concerns:

Shelter - Each kit comes with 2, 2-person tents and 4 sleeping bags with a matching number of survival blankets. This ensures that each member of your family sleeps in warmth and has a figurative "roof over their heads

Food & Water - There are 4 rations packs provided for each person, set to provide 72 hours of necessary nutrition. These rations are complemented by the survival kit's water supply, which also lasts for 3 days.

Protection From Environmental Dangers - The package includes special environmental safeguards that protect you and your family from various natural dangers such as the weather and dangerous animals. Rescue Guard includes 4 ponchos to protect from the rain, as well as 4 protective face masks to protect from airborne harm.

The addition of a fire starter gives you extra, added protection against the cold, which can be vital to survival efforts.

To add, this advanced package contains a multi-functional tool, axe and survival knife which gives you the ability to construct greater sheltering space. Moreover, these tools can be helpful in warding off danger. Lights from the wind-up radio, as well as two, hand-held lights, allow you to deter harmful intruders without physical harm.

First Aid - As a deluxe emergency bag, this kit supplies both a standard and advanced first aid kit. The deluxe kit allows you to handle a variety of injuries from minor to certain, moderately-serious injuries.

Visibility and Communication - As stated above, both the radio and the hand-held flashlights provide ample amounts of light to help you and yours to navigate your environment whenever you need to. Moreover, the radio has the additional feature of acting as a phone charger.

This is crucial to helping you communicate to the outside world and, most importantly, emergency help. Moreover, the lighting can be used to help emergency personnel find you, which can be extremely difficult in a number of rescue scenarios.


  • Sheltering secures all four people
  • Two first aid kits to handle a variety of injuries
  • Fire starter to expedite the fire-building process
  • Relatively inexpensive 
  • Radio with USB charging capability


  • Very minimal hygiene materials; only tissue
  • No water filtration items


Not all survival situations require you to be inside. In fact, many disaster scenarios leave families stuck in their homes. Floods are a great example of this, and Legacy's Deluxe Survival Bug In Bag contains materials that allow you and your family to rise to the occasion and shelter-in-place.

This pack is meant to provide you with 3 primary needs that people must have in a home-based emergency situation: fuel, water and sanitation. These vital necessities are the most easily compromised in home-based survival scenario, and the Deluxe Survival Bug In Bag supplies what you need for all 3.

In addition to these three essentials, this pack provides a stove to help you cook your prep-ready food (canned goods and non-perishables), and eating utensils that help you and your family eat that food.

There are also several tools that are designed to help you access unreachable places in your home, as well as possibly helping you be ready when rescue teams arrive.

Here's what included in the Legacy Premium Food Storage Deluxe Survival Bug In Bag Kit (that's a pretty big mouthful, isn't it):

6 - ThermaFuel 4-Hour Burn Canisters
1 - Folding Aluminum Bobcat Stove
1 - 6-Pack Emergency Candles
1 - Dynamo Radio/Flashlight/Charger
2 - Light Sticks
1 - Deluxe Hygiene Kit
1 - Toilet Box (yeah, you're going to need this if you're sheltering in place and the water supply is down)
1 - 60 pc. Advanced First Aid Kit
5 - Water Purification Tablet w/instructions
1 - Folding 1 L Water Container
1 - 1 L Tristan BPA Free Bottle
1 - Deck of Playing Cards
1 - 4 pack Spork Utensils
2 - GI Can Openers
1 - 15 Inch Pry Bar
1 - 5 in 1 Survival Whistle
1 - Roll of Duct Tape
1 - 4 in 1 Emergency Tool
1 - Pair of Utility Gloves
1 - Multitool Knife
1 - Waterproof Match Set
1 - Emgcy. Prep. Guide in Waterproof Zip Bag with pencil


  • 24-hours of Total Fuel for long-lasting power
  • Large First Aid Kit
  • Large Hygienic package
  • Way for you to cook food
  • Tools to alert emergency personnel of your presence
  • Radio with phone-charging capabilities


  • No food
  • Only one kind of filtration with tablets

Additional Thoughts on These Bags

Each of these particular bags has something valuable to offer, but in order to make a good decision, you should be well-informed about what fits your needs the most.

First, we mentioned earlier that not all survival bags are created equal. They are designed for different purposes, and therefore you should know what each type of bag is meant to do.

For example, the 5th selection on this list is a bug-in bag (vs bug-OUT bag). You may have read wondering "Why is this kit so much smaller than the rest?" There are so many missing items for sheltering, sleeping and food, that it might seem like a terrible choice in a top 5 Survival Bag list.

Bug in Bag vs Evacuation Kit

However, bug-in bags have a different purpose than the other 4 kits displayed here. Bug-in bags are designed to cater to in-home survival scenarios. As such, sheltering items and food are likely to already be there.

Canned food and dry food are the recommended choices when it comes to stocking up for emergencies in the home. Therefore, instead of rations, this unit supplied fuel and a miniature stove, which is perfect since these foods need preparation.

In comparison, survival kits are meant to sustain people for a longer period of time. Moreover, hey are meant to help people weather external environments, where no food and safe shelter is present.

Moreover, it can help for a survival kit to be lightweight, as this conserves energy and physiological resources that can be greatly taxed by the rigors of the survival scenario. So features like wheels allow people to carry bags easier, and often carry many storage compartments to maximize its carrying capacity. 

We also have a bug out bag, which can be very similar to survival kits you may have been researching. However, bug out bags are designed for short-term survival in the event of evacuation. While it might not seem intelligent to carry around tents in an evacuation scenario, in a family situation, it is not likely that a car will provide the security or space to sleep well.

Legacy Premium vs Emergency Case

With that stated, in order to be well-prepared for any survival scenario, you would well to have a well-designed kit for all 3 situations. Of the 3 family survival kits, we recommend the Legacy Premium Family Survival Kit for the best value.

Legacy costs significantly less than Emergency Case's does, yet equals Emergency Case in most provisions.

To be fair, Emergency Case does provide a radio with solar recharging and hand-cranked recharging. This option does add a massive amount of value and is well worth noting. Hand-cranking can start to turn into a rigorous and demanding exercise, which might help tire people out quicker.

Case also is FEMA-approved, which means that it was designed to meet the survival recommendations that FEMA suggests for optimal support. Tools that are specifically designed to enhance shelter is a unique feature that no other product has. In addition, their kit comes with 4 extra sleeping bags, specifically designed to battle the cold.

In honesty, it is an excellent, top-notch kit. However, with such a large price tag, it might be far out-of-reach for the average consumer. Legacy comes with an equivalent supply of food, water and water-filtering items, high-level first aid and sheltering items.

At less than 1/3 of the price, the Legacy kit is a high-quality survival kit that many regular people can afford. If you have the ability to spend over $1000 on a kit, then the Emergency Case Survival Kit is a great deal for your money.

However, Legacy's comes very close to providing the same quality as its more expensive competitor, giving it a high dollar-for-dollar value than Emergency. So if you need to mind your budget more, you don't have to worry that you sacrificing quality for price.

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