Best Survival Kits for Pets and Pet Survival Kit Reviews

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Do you live in an area that gets hurricanes or is at risk for them or another natural disaster? Evacuating when a storm hits can be stressful, but a little bit of preparation helps. If you have pets, you'll need to think about them, too, when making your hurricane evacuation plans. Survival kits for pets make all the difference in your pet's survival odds during a hurricane.

Our Top 5 Picks: Pet Survival Kits

We'll talk about a few other additions to preparing your pet evacuation kits further down the page, because no single kit will address the needs of every dog, cat or other pet. But we have narrowed down these basic pre-assembled bags to make things easier. Let's jump in.


The Wise Food Storage Dog Survival Kit was created by a company that specializes in hiking survival kits. These packs feature American assembly, with special care being given to the food products.

There is a lot included in these backpacks for the price. Everything used follows guidelines from both government agencies and non-profits involved in emergency preparedness. Dog food, along with a bowl for feeding and watering, are two perks.

Some of the other perks include water purification tablets, a body warmer and emergency survival blanket, and a first aid kit. Nylon rope and a stake for secure tie-outs, as well as a selection of toys, are also part of this product's components.


  • One of the best kits for the price
  • The backpack can be reused later
  • Uses products recommended by experts


  • Less aesthetically pleasing than many similar products
  • Water supply might not last as long as expected


While technically not classified as a "pet evacuation kit" per se, this Premium Pet Travel Bag by Hiliki nonetheless offers a lot for the price, giving dogs (and cats) and their owners up to a weeks' worth of products. You'll just need to "manually" set it up for an evacuation or emergency use.

You can easily store three pounds of dog food, and serve your pet's food and water in two collapsible, easy-to-clean bowls. This bag also includes a blanket for your dog's greater comfort and a Frisbee that is ideal for keeping your dog amused.

One of the things that many users enjoy about this bag is its zippered inner compartment, perfect for medicine, keys, or anything that requires a tight spot. Besides providing a handy place to store everything, the bag has a handy strap.


  • Flexible storage for your dog's or cat's needs
  • Helps keep food fresh with dedicated storage area
  • Easily adapted to your specific pet's needs
  • Inside zippered pocket provides extra security for small items


  • Does not include food or treats
  • You will need to ensure that you customize it for emergency evacuation or survival needs


This small dog evacuation kit by Ready America includes both pouch water and food with a five-year shelf life to ensure maximum freshness.

An included water bowl gives dogs a way to enjoy fresh, clean water. This bag can also serve as a carrier for dogs up to 20 pounds. Anyone evacuating with a small dog will likely see this kit as a helpful way of seeing their dog to safety.

Note, however, that should you decide to use the kit as an actual carrier, you will need to carry the different products separately - which in our opinion sort of defeats the purpose of having a ready-to-grab-and-go product. We would simply prefer to use this as the dog's "bug out bag" and carry the pooch in a separate carrier. 


  • Small size makes it convenient even for storing in the car
  • The bag has a cute, appealing appearance
  • Easy to pack everything neatly


  • The pack cannot carry dogs bigger than 20 pounds
  • If you are using the pack as a dog carrier, you need to empty the compartment and carry the products separately


The Ready America cat evacuation kit is tailored to the unique needs of a cat when you need to evacuate because of a storm. Your cat can ride safely and comfortably in the bag during the evacuation. Again, like the small dog option by Ready America, you'll need to empty the carrier compartment in order to use it as a cat carrier. We would say, "Just use your regular cat carrier and use this as Kitty's go-bag."

The water pouches and cat food are shelf-stable for up to five years, so you won't need to think about replacing the food all the time if unused. A water bowl allows you to serve fresh water separately from the food.

A litter pan and scoop also come with the product, so your cat's temporary space can stay as clean as possible.


  • Includes both food and water
  • Has a separate water bowl
  • A litter pan and scoop come with the kit


  • The litter pan might be small for some cats
  • You'll have to empty the carrier compartment of all the products in order to use this as a carrier


This cat evacuation kit by Emergency Zone offers a great value for the cost. One of its major advantages is a safe supply of food and water.

There are toys that will help keep your furry friend occupied, even in an unfamiliar spot. This kit also includes a first aid guide book, which can come in handy in settings where access to veterinary may be limited.

Some of the other helpful components include a litter box with a scoop, separate food, and water bowls, and rolls of bandaging with a pair of scissors. You'll save a lot of time by not having to gather up these items yourself.


  • Four variations of this kit available
  • Contains some food
  • Toys that help create a distraction
  • Comes with basic pet first aid guide and supplies


  • Litter pan may be a bit small for some cats

Preparing Your Pet Evacuation Kit

What Should Every Kit Include?

Most of these kits lack carriers or bedding, so it is a good idea to include these because they will make your pet feel more comfortable. Dogs who have storm anxiety may benefit from a Thunder Shirt to help them stay calmer.

If you have a cat but your emergency pack doesn't have a litter box and scoop, you'll want to add these items. Consider having a laser pointer to help keep your cat occupied.

We think all the products reviewed are good choices for your hurricane evacuation needs. Get your order placed as soon as possible after you make your choice so you'll have the kit you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do With Pets During Evacuation?

One thing you need to make sure you do is to heed the warnings and evacuate sooner, rather than later. Grab your bug out/emergency kit, and consider protective gear like a raincoat, booties, or even a life jacket if your area floods during storms.

If your pet has a microchip, now is the time to make sure the information is up-to-date. Ensure that your pet's tags also have current information. Even cats should wear a collar with tags.

Stay as calm as possible, because this will help your pet stay calmer. Dogs should stay leashed during this time, and cats should be in a carrier. Consider rewarding your pet with a treat when you arrive at your destination. 

Do Hurricane Shelters Take Pets?

Some shelters take pets, although many others do not. Most Red Cross shelters do not accept pets because of safety and health considerations. The exception is service animals, who are legally allowed in all shelters.

In shelters that accept pets, they will need to have updated vaccinations. Keeping copies of their vet records on hand is a good idea.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Gets Into a Tornado?

Preventing the heartache that a tornado can cause is always preferable to having your dog loose when a tornado hits. It's a good idea to take shelter when the warning is initially issued.

Your dog's tags and microchip, if applicable, should always be updated. In a worst-case scenario, identification will make it easier for you to get reunited with your dog. 

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