Synthetic Biology Humans Playing God

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(See Authorship Note below this article) Humans for ions have created an endless number of remarkable things that have both improved our everyday lives and have also been the source of destruction. From the ancient Stonehenge in England to Machu Picchu in Peru to modern times of flight and Cold Fusion. Much of this technology was not so much invented as merely rediscovered in a way due to what is now know of many highly advanced ancient civilizations. Whatever the invention may be there is always the present risk of that item being used by those in control whom want to weaponize it in some way. The scenario of how this works can be broken down in a simple way. You are working on creating something new and revolutionary for the good of your fellow Humans. Working with a limited income and resources you have managed to get by and are on the verge of success or have indeed reached your goal and now you have your invention that has great potential. You make an announcement and perhaps a few articles are written. Then one day you get a knock on the door and to your surprise it is the Military. The representatives have expressed interest in what you have created and after a very elaborate song and dance they offer you a Department of Defense contract to continue your work and to expand on the capabilities of what you have created. Before you know it you have a fully operational facility, subordinates and the so kindly provided security of the Military. As time goes on you realize that the direction you are being led is to transform your once innocent creation into a tool of war, mind control or whatever else. One of two things will happen now due to what you have come to realize. Either you will continue the work and live in denial because the fame, funding and ego has compromised your integrity or you will approach those who are in control and tell them you are outraged and will discontinue your work as well as go public about this. You could do that but at a serious risk of at worst ending up being found dead. So with this all explained let us get down to business.

For about 15 years or so a wealthy scientist and entrepreneur by the name of J. Craig Venter has been working with his team at his institute to synthesize DNA for the purpose to create new life. Venter has had his hands deep within this research and even was the one who gave it it’s name of Synthetic Biology. After trial and error Venter and his team made a stunning break through. They had created the very first Synthetic Self-Replicating Bacteria Cell simply named, Synthia.

Say hello to JCVI-Syn 1.0 otherwise known as Synthia

Synthia works like this-

DNA short strands are fused together to create a new genome. The DNA is then inserted into a host Bacteria cell where the DNA is replaced with the new strand. This cell is then placed into a petri dish with regular biological cells that are the targeted cells for replication. The Synthia cell then mimics these cells eventually becoming a synthetic replicate causing the other cells to die and now you have a complete transfer of Synthia cells who behave as the original biological cells with the exception that these new synthetic cells can be designed to do other things. Venter himself has expressed that the Synthia cell can be used for everything from curing cancer to replacing fossil fuels. Seems like a good idea right? In fact it may very well had started as just that but now I see another side of this which needs to be addressed.

Can something like this which is nothing less than Artificial Intelligence be controlled 100%? There is great potential for error here as there is for anything of this magnitude. Curing cancer using Synthia sounds great to me but what happens when the synthetic cells run out of cancer cells to self-replicate? Do they just stop or do they then look for new cells so that they can continue to survive? Are the white blood cells at risk? Perhaps Synthia takes a liking to your Pineal Gland. What then? We are looking at a situation where Synthia can be used for ANYTHING. Remember that this Synthetic cell can be created to self-replicate ANY living cell. That means Plants, Animals, Viruses, Fungus, Fossil Fuels (Diesel fuel hosts living bacteria) and even Humans. GMO products are one thing but imagine a tomato that was filled with Synthia cells. Ask yourself what kind of implications could result from such a thing.

Even Hollywood has created their own spin on this topic with a very disturbing movie called ‘Splice’. I did watch this movie as I rarely do sometimes simply because this one hit home for me in a way.

Remember that movies like this are mixed with absolute fact and some fiction.

The J. Craig Venter Institute is just the capstone of this now global research with Synthetic Biology however the United States does the majority of the research. Venter has also branched off into other institutes that he is involved with which I will provide the websites for at the end of this report. One example is Synthetic Genomics which currently is working on Synthetic Biology for Vaccines. Yikes. Imagine a “Smart” vaccine with Artificial Life in it injected into your body? I for one do not like that idea. This is just another way Humans are messing with the natural order of things. Mess with Mother Nature and she will fight back eventually.

British Petroleum, ExxonMobile among other Big Oil have taken vested interest in Synthetic Biology and are investing money into its development. When Big Oil gets involved in anything the outcome never ends well.

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