Free Energy What the Global Elite Don’t Want You to Know

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(See Note about Authorship below this article) Free Energy in reality is not a secret anymore to those who have opened their mind to explore the secrets that have been so cleverly suppressed  by the Global Elite who would rather continue to destroy Earth by ripping her guts out to tap into her blood. Big Oil companies such as ExxonMobile, British Petroleum and Rosneft have stretched their tentacles to every corner of the Globe for the quest of money by way of Fossil Fuels. This ever growing threat upon Nature and every living being on the planet has been the cause of such catastrophic disasters like the Exxon Valdez incident, Nigeria’s crude oil disaster and as recent as the Gulf Oil Deep Horizon disaster to name just a few. But of course it doesn’t end there as we see more natural gas wells pop up using Hydraulic Fracturing and strip mining for coal. Hundreds of millions of tons of these fuel sources are burned every day and it all has a waste byproduct due to that burning. Quite a few species of life on this planet has suffered tremendously due to this and quite a few are now extinct. It is truly a wretched horror upon our planet that should anger everyone…..but it doesn’t. The truth is is that most people just take this all for granted or simply ignore it. All because they want their ipods, gas guzzling SUVs, tupperware and everything else that is made using petroleum products. In fact this is such an expansive problem because almost ALL food now mass produced requires oil for production, packaging and transportation. It doesn’t just stop at food though because this includes clothing, heating and cooling, building products and the list goes on almost endlessly. Is there a solution to this madness? Damn right there is.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was truly a man beyond his age when it came to Energy, AC Current and much more he worked tirelessly on. Much of his work with harnessing Free Energy was considered controversial and even ludicrous by his colleagues for a number of reasons. With all we know now about the use of Energy by Ancient Civilizations like the Egyptians, Aztecs and Celts it is a simple case that in someway what Tesla did was simply the rediscovery of this. Whether it is Aether, Zero Point, Fusion/Fission or HydroDynamic it was used at some point in Human history. I don’t know if Tesla was interested in ancient history of our advanced past civilizations but if he did then perhaps it was some source of inspiration. More can be learned about Tesla HERE and HERE.

Now for a great account of the untold story of the great Nikola Tesla.

It would not be a Truth Survival report without shuffling some great reading material your way.

Beyond the blood of Earth is a new horizon of clean and free energy.

Before I began this report I was looking over the hundreds of files I have on Free Energy and Free Energy Devices. There is so much to this subject and because I am certainly not a scholar of the topic I felt it would be best to just provide the information to you all and allow you to browse through it because the more people are aware of the possibilities and reality the better chance we have to make this happen now. So here you go.

Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices Website

A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy

From the ancient origins of Free Energy technology beginning with Atlantis and Lemuria which then was carried on to just about every advanced ancient civilization on every continent it is hard to argue that we are incapable of developing it. It is possible because we have the know how. We have the drive to create this reality. Our only obstacle is that which is the festering sore in our side which we know as the Global Elite. Patents for this technology has been bought off and tucked away deep in their vaults. People have been threatened by governments who kiss the crude oil asses of Big Oil Bastards. Have you had enough of this garbage yet? I certainly have and I am sure those of you reading this feel the same way. The greatest thing about our future is that it is not set in stone. We have the power to change it. We have the Free Will to take back our Guardianship of Earth. We must reclaim our position in this Universe. However that can only happen when the Illuminati’s Babylon falls. Remember my fellow Humans that the only thing impossible for us is that which we decide or are told is impossible. The Horizon is rich with amazing possibilities for all of creation. Free Energy will bring hope and an amazing World. The time is now.

Exist Free beyond the horizon……

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