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Legacy Food Storage Review

This is our Legacy Food Storage review. It's all about Legacy emergency foods! (1)

Legacy Foods is currently one of the top emergency food producers on the market. Legacy food products are made in the United States, have a 25-year shelf life, and boast a low cost per pound. With ...

An Unexpected Storm Reveals Our Priorities

Downed wires in road

I have to say that one of the things I appreciate most about modern living is the ability to flush a toilet. I was just reminded about this when we regained power after a big wind storm knocked out ...

Best Emergency Foods and REVIEWS

Best Emergency Foods MRE Meals Ready to Eat

When it comes to figuring out the best emergency foods  to stock up on these days, it pays to note that freeze dried and other emergency foods have really come a long way in recent years. One ...

How to Preserve Meat

How to Preserve Meat

In a SHTF or off grid living situation, you most likely won’t have access to a refrigerator. This means that you’ll need to learn about alternative ways to preserve food. Meat will be one of the ...

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