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Imagine an unforeseen event that changed the way we lived forever. This event, whether it was a nuclear attack or zombie apocalypse, would force us to become more self-sustainableWith no more grocery stores, we’d be forced to get our own food. But if you had the best survival food stocked away, it would be much easier to survive. And that’s going to be the topic of today’s article.

 (Authorship Note: The bulk of this article was originally written and published by David in May of 2016. We are re-publishing with additional and updated information to keep it in line with current trends.)

A Supply of Emergency Food is Critical

We are going to show you emergency foods that will allow you to thrive even after society collapses.

Don’t Think It Can Happen to You? Think Again…

As of May 2016, Venezuela is experiencing a massive shortage of basic necessities. Specifically, things like food and water have become scarce. Venezuelans have been forced to eat whatever they can get their hands on. The scary part? Venezuela didn’t always have this problem. Am I telling you this to scare you? Absolutely! I want you to stock up on the best survival food as soon as possible. That way, you’ll never need to worry about food if and when the grocery stores run dry. The more you prepare now, the easier it will be to survive later. Look at the people FIGHTING over food in Venezuela:

And Venezuela isn't the only country experiencing food shortages. This global report from FAO (Food and Agricultural Organizations of the United Nations) in Emergencies that outlines regions in crisis as of April 2019. You may find the 202 page pdf that you can download from that page interesting and enlightening.

When Can Having the Best Survival Food Come in Handy?

It doesn’t take a global catastrophe to change things. Look at what happened during Hurricane Katrina– people were left without food for weeks. Something like a big earthquake or tornado could result in the same thing. So if you think that you’re immune from stocking up on the best survival food, think again. Nobody can predict when a disaster will strike. If the disaster is exceptionally bad, like a terrorist attack or nuclear war, you may find yourself without food indefinitely. Don’t get caught off guard and make sure that you and your family are prepared.

Best Survival Food – Anything in a Can

Canned food is an excellent choice as far as stocking up on the best survival food is concerned. Most canned food has a shelf life of 1-3 years. That should be more than enough to get you through a short- or medium-term crisis.

As long as the contents in the can don’t get exposed to air, they’ll remain fresh and safe to eat. Also, since canned food isn’t very expensive, it’s something that you can begin stocking up on as early as today. Here are some types of canned food to consider:

  • Canned Sauces: This includes things like tomato sauce, marinara sauce, BBQ sauce, and many more. Stir-fry sauce is also a good example. In everyday life, they’re often used to heighten the flavor of other foods. However, in a survival situation, they can be eaten as is. It’s not the healthiest option out there, but it will keep you alive.
  • Best Survival Food
  • Canned Vegetables: These are arguably the best survival food that you can buy. Things like canned corn, carrots, peas, beans, and tomatoes are all calorie rich and nutritionally dense. So once a disaster strikes, you’ll be able to keep yourself energized and healthy. They won’t have the same texture as garden-picked vegetables, but they’ll still keep you alive.
  • Canned Fruits: From canned peaches to canned apples, pretty much any type of fruit can be found in a can. Not only are canned fruits tasty, but they also provide a lot of nutritional value. If you have children, they’ll absolutely love canned fruits. Since many fruits contain a lot of fiber, it will also help with digestion after a disaster, while the fructose in the fruits will help keep your brain nourished so that you can focus.
  • Canned Meats: One of the reasons why canned meats can be the best survival food is because they’re loaded with protein. As you know, protein is needed to keep humans functioning optimally. They can provide you with a ton of energy, and will prevent your muscles from wasting away due to lack of food. Similar to canned vegetables and fruits, they can be a life saver after a disaster strikes.
  • Canned Fish: Did you know that most people lack omega-3 fatty acids in their diet? And this has been shown to lead to heart disease later in life. Foods like canned tuna or canned salmon are incredibly important to stock up on. They will help your circulatory system run smoothly, as well as help protect your heart over the long. Not to mention, they taste pretty good! Be on the lookout for good deals on canned fish while shopping.
  • As we said earlier, canned foods typically have a lifespan of 1-3 years. This can be longer or shorter depending on where they are stored, as well as what type of food it is. For the average prepper, canned foods are one of the easiest things to stock up on. Every time you go shopping, spend a few extra dollars on some canned food. Over the course of a year, it will add up to be quite a bit of food.

    Canned Food Preservation 101

    The best survival food needs to last a long time. That’s why canned foods are highly recommended. However, you need to store them the right way. Otherwise, they’ll go bad sooner. 

    • The first tip is to never store canned food in direct sunlight. Instead, try to keep them at room temperature. Also, you don’t need to place them in a freezer or fridge- they are designed to last without having to stay cold. 
    • The second tip is to never store them next to sharp objects. If something punctures the can, you’ll need to eat it shortly after because it’s not going to last very long. These are some excellent ways to ensure that the best survival food stays fresh as long as possible.

    10 Everyday Foods With a Long Shelf Life

    In an earlier article, I talked about 10 foods with a long shelf-life. These foods, which are each very cheap, can last anywhere from 1 to 5 years depending on what type it is as well as how you store it. Let’s take a look at what those 10 foods are:

    • Dried Beans
    • Dried Rice
    • Dried Lentils
    • Raisins
    • Popcorn
    • Dried Peas
    • Beef Jerky
    • Dried Pasta
    • Oats
    • Powdered Milk

    The best survival food not only needs to last a long time, but it also needs to be affordable- and each of these foods is very affordable. For example, did you know that a single 50-pound bag of oats will cost just $50. That might sound like a lot of money, but realize that 50 pounds of oats will last for a very long time. A 50-pound bag of rice can also be bought for about $50. Those are some great deals to take advantage of in my opinion.

    Important Note about Storing Food:

    (Added update in May 2019): One thing that we need to mention because we're in a bit of a remote area right now in a rustic cabin, but it will apply nearly anywhere, is that you will want to be sure to store your food where bugs, mice and other rodents can get to it. 

    There's no point in spending a boatload of money to stock up on emergency food if you reach for it when you need it, only to discover that it's been contaminated.

    So you will want to invest in the best dry food storage containers you can find for the long-term. And the more air-tight, the better. And remember, mice CAN chew through soft plastic. 

    Best Survival Food – Anything That’s Been Dehydrated

    Another example of the best survival food is anything that’s been dehydrated. What do I mean by “dehydrated”? Basically, when you remove the water from a food, you allow it to last longer. Why? Because without the water, bacteria are no longer able to grow on that food. You can dehydrate fruits, vegetables, and even meat. While it’s possible to buy dehydrated food, it’s better to dehydrate foods yourself. This will save you a ton of money in the long run.

    But to do this, you’ll first need to buy a food dehydrator. Once you’ve dehydrated your food, simply vacuum seal it for maximum lifespan. Dehydration can be a quick and easy way to increase the lifespan of everyday foods– fruits, vegetables, and meats. Dehydrated food also makes for a tasty snack! Since different types of foods require different dehydration temperatures, I recommend learning more about the topic. Here’s a video that will show you how to make the best survival food using dehydration methods:

    Focus on High-Calorie Foods

    The best survival food should be calorie-rich. In a SHTF situation, you’ll need to keep your energy up, and there’s no better way to do this than with energy-rich foods. Let’s take a look at a few foods that are rich in calories, but that don’t take up a lot of space:

    Peanut Butter

    Peanut butter is arguably the best survival food for any survival situation. The reason why is because it has an amazing calorie-to-weight ratio. Just one tablespoon of PB contains about 95 caloriesSo it’s a nice way to supplement your caloric needs without overspending. A lot of people don’t like the taste of peanut butter, but I’m personally not opposed to it (I actually think it’s quite delicious). On Amazon, you can buy a pack of eight 40-ounce jars of peanut butter for about $50, which is a great deal. If left unopened, and stored in the right conditions, it can last for 1-2 years.

    Trail Mix

    Trail mix is another quality option when you’re searching for the best survival food that contains a lot of calories. While it’s primarily used by campers and hikers, there’s nothing wrong with stocking up on it for an emergency. Trail mix is filled with calories. In fact, a single serving contains about 160 calories. On Amazon, you can buy a 4-pound bag of trail mix for about $20. That equates to about 10,000 calories in total, which will last for a minimum of 3 days (longer if you ration). As you can see, trail mix isn’t just for hikers and campers- it can also be the best survival food for a SHTF situation.

    Snickers Bars

    Most people don’t realize that a single Snickers contains quite a bit of calories (about 250). In a post-crisis environment, munching on a Snickers bar can really take the gloom out of your situation. Since Snickers bars take up minimal space, you can stock up on quite a few of them. Just make sure that you store them at room temperature. If they become too hot, the chocolate will melt and their lifespan will significantly decrease. A single bar has a shelf life of about 2-4 months. On a similar note, protein bars can also be a good option since they have can also have quite a few calories packed in them.

    When in Doubt, Go With Mainstay

    Mainstay Emergency Food Rations contain 3,600 calories per pack, which qualifies them as the best survival food. The only problem is that they taste rather bland compared to other survival foods. But if you’re looking for something that’s cheap, contains plenty of calories, and that doesn’t take up a lot of space, Mainstay Emergency Food Rations are the way to go.

    Each pack has a shelf life of about 5 years. The packs are highly resistant to the external environment, so even outside they can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions. If you’re unsure about what the best survival food to buy is, then go with Mainstay. It’s a safe option that won’t let you down. ​

    (May 2019 Update: Since this article was written, there have been a LOT more products that have come to market. We'll be reviewing a bunch of them soon!)

    Best Survival Food – Bottom Line

    The best survival food should be one that can last a long time before going bad. The reason why is because you never know when things will return back to normal. It could be days, months, or even years (sometimes never). By stocking up on these foods, you’ll ensure that you and your family will remain fed even during a crisis. Here’s an actionable tip: the next time you go grocery shopping, pick up a few extra cans of vegetables. If you do this over the course of a year, that will add up to be quite a bit of food.

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