The Schumann Resonance: The Heart Beat of Earth and How it Effects Us

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Earlier today Meredith and I were looking over the recent news which is normal for us. We almost everyday find something unusual that gets little recognition by even the Truth Movement community. Today we found two stories that have sparked interest in the both of us. Meredith is researching one and I am researching the other. So while Meredith researches the very unusual and a bit disturbing article she found I went on a digging rampage to find out more on mine.

I had always been interested in some of the more marvelous and mystical places on Earth such as Macchu Picchu, Stonehenge, Lake Titicaca and more. Through my own experience and research I learned more about the locations that seem to have unique characteristics with frequencies, Lay Lines and even the locations such as the Bermuda Triangle (which I lived and worked inside the region for a number of years). To witness something first hand like the infamous Green Flash of the Caribbean Sunset is just a glimpse in the wonders I and others have been fortunate to observe.

A couple of years ago I had first heard the term Earth Chakra and was intrigued that I had been to several of the locations. Unfortunately when I was at those locations I was in a different state of mind. But I am not writing this report to discuss Earth Chakras, Lay Lines, or ancient civilizations. I am here to discuss something that MADE me think about all of those things because I simply wonder about the connection to those things plus a whole lot more.

Many will say that the idea that our planet is in itself alive is a bit implausible. The theory that crude oil is indeed the blood of Earth has been discussed by some as well which is again something I won’t rule out. With a planet that has such Bio-Diversity, it seems that Earth would have to in some way have a level of electrical current to keep it “alive” as it has been for so long. Everything gives off an electrical current (or frequency) and this has been researched as well as measured. In most cases this seems to be regulated by way of the Brain and Heart. One won’t function without the other for very long. A Collective Consciences of Nature would be the brain of Earth. So what would be the heart? Obviously we know that Earth maintains a specific frequency but how is it caused and what effects does it have upon us?

In recent years I have noticed something happening across the globe. I know you are aware of it but most won’t admit to it. Our Roman clock we depend on is based on 24 hours with each hour consisting of 60 minutes and each minute consisting of 60 seconds. These add up to a 7 day week that eventually make up our 365 (except Leap Years) day years. It has been this way for Ions. Time is simply a method of control. A slave to the schedule so as to appease the false idols of modern society who make the little people aspire to always be on time so as to be idolized for their “success” one day. No where else in the Universe is this Earth time used or even recognized.

So with all of that said why is it the days have become shorter? Have you noticed it? Time has literally been speeding up. Think that is irrational? Do your own test then. I did one of my own and the results have been the same everyday. My body and mind has been on the same internal clock my entire life. From as early an age that I can remember up until no more than about 10 months ago I faithfully woke up anywhere between 5:00 am and 6:30am without fail. I would then be fully good to go for a long day that would usually not end for me until around 3:30 am to 4:00 am. That was my clock without fail. I have always known what a full uninterrupted 24 hour day/night cycle feels like. Yet that has changed in the past year. These days what was once 24 hours for my internal body clock has shifted rapidly. Fortunately I adjust quickly but here is the strange part. Nowadays this 24 hour cycle feels and even appears more like a day with only 18-20 hours. How many of you say or hear how these days there are just not enough hours in the day. I bet most if not all of you.

Today I came across an article that launched a firestorm inside me and I am still buzzing with the energy my bullheaded Scottish blood gets when I dive into stories like this one. The article is interesting and I am sure most of the sleeping drones that may have read it simply shrugged their shoulders and grumbled about having to mess with their microwave clocks again. You may ask how in the hell the article you are about to read in any way relates to everything I have said to this point. I will explain but first read the entire article or the rest of this report will be a waste of your time.

Several things were said in the article that shot red flags into my head which brought me to something Meredith had explained to me months ago. Before I go on I need to remind everyone one more time that if you did not read the entire article above then don’t bother reading the rest of this report. The thing Meredith explained to me was the Schumann Resonance. Now considering everything I said at the beginning of this report, hopefully it will begin to make sense. I am not going to get into some scientific explanation of how this Schumann Resonance works because I certainly am not qualified to do so. But I know of someone who is absolutely qualified to explain this Heartbeat of Planet Earth known as the Schumann Resonance.

There are other videos available of Gregg Braden discussing the Schumann Resonance.

OK. Some may say that it’s an idea from a guy who has been dead for decades and now only one Physicist now talks about it. Is that really the case? Well as much as I dislike throwing the obvious in the skeptic’s faces (who am I kidding. I like proving nay Sayers wrong), I have some bad news for them. Scientists employed by such agencies and institutes such as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA and the Department of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences at Tel Aviv University are very interested in the Schumann Resonance. I know this because I did as always a quick dig and POW, I found the information to show there is definitely something to this frequency heartbeat of Earth. It goes beyond Earth as well with research involving Venus, Mars and even Titan. Just to make sure we are all on the same page, here is where you can see some of the papers written about or at least has mentions of Schumann Resonance.

Because this topic has become a priority for me which is one of many, I decided it needed it’s own category in the Vault.

Forbidden Vault file on Schumann Resonance

I really have only yet to begin my research into this so hopefully in time I will have more to offer but for now this is more of a preliminary for me as it may be in some way an introduction of the topic for some of you. So in the meantime I felt it would benefit us all to have some information on this from various sources. Then I will discuss how I feel the article about the “Year Long ‘Time’ Test” may tie into this.

Get ready to bookmark.

Schumann Resonance


Our Climate- Dead or Alive?: Schumann’s Resonances and Vision 2020

Schumann Resonances, Geomagnetic Reversals and Human Brain States


Alright here is where I tie in the main article I included about the Power Grid frequency testing that is suppose to begin mid next month. An event such as time speeding up can only be kept a secret for so long. Why would this experiment the United States would allow and with very little publicizing be done in a way where only certain kinds of clocks and possibly other types of electronics be effected to the point you could have some of your own overload and fry it’s wires? They are interested to see if ANYONE will even notice? Now that opens up a lot of questions for me. They claim it is to assist in finding ways to conserve energy. HA! That is like the big oil companies saying they want to drill in the Arctic because it won’t “harm” or disturb any life and since it is in such a remote area we will hardly notice.

I can only come up with a preliminary theory at this point. Maybe…just maybe this might have something to do with either a “scheduled” shift in the Schumman Resonance as explained by Gregg Braden. It could also be related to the Cosmic Wave (Magnetic Anomaly) that is effecting the Earth right now OR maybe this just might have something to do with certain speculated cosmic bodies that are heading our way. Or maybe it is all of the above. Hard to say at this point but I guess we will just have to sit tight on this tiny little biosphere we live on until the REAL show begins. Until then if you live in the United States and have regular electronics that plug into a wall outlet that also happens to keep track of time. I suggest you keep a close eye on anything unusual beginning around Mid-July. If you do witness any kind of time adjustments that are out of the norm I’d like to hear from you.

Time is speeding up and where it takes us is still a mystery but as long as we keep on fighting for what is right just maybe the time spin will work for our benefit.