Codex Alimentarius: The Clamp-Down on Nature

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Note: This post was originally published in 2011 by a guest author who went by the name, Roma AKA A2B. Some original links were "broken" and needed to be updated for relevancy.

Stated Purpose of Codex Alimentarius

Codex Alimentarius came into effect on the 31st December 2009, it was created in 1963 and is supposed to set food standards, codes of practice etc. The problem is that the standards do not benefit us in any way, in fact the path that Codex Alimentarius has laid will lead us away from nature and nutrition, only to divert us onto the road of hellish poisons and most of us know that we have already, deliberately been shifted onto this genocidal route…yes, I said GENOCIDAL. 

The depopulation agenda is real, which could take up a whole separate report in itself, children at school are being conditioned to believe that there are too many humans on this planet and we are a burden, oh but it’s ok for big corporations to poison our planet with their fake, genetically interfered with, contaminating, planet raping filth!

Surely it’s these nature meddling freaks that are the burden. Codex A is here to ban anything and everything that is naturally nutritious, we all know about GMO’s…Monsanto…Frankenfoods and the like. As far as I understand, Codex A is banning nature itself….well if these controlling, destrutive and selfish monsters don’t like nature, maybe they should inhabit another planet, not that I would want to inflict them on any part of this universe.

This is Codex A’s website:

Dr. Rima Laibow Explains Codex Alimentarius

Now this video is the best description of what Codex A is all about, anyone who has researched Codex A will no doubt have come across it. (2019 update: The original article alluded to a video featuring Dr. Rima Laibow, and while we weren't able to recover the video's url, we have located additional videos on the topic. It's possible that the following video [part 1 of 5] may be what the author was referring to:

It is becoming more obvious that the overall global agenda, of which Codex A is a part of, is turning up the heat on us all. We now are at a point where we no longer have the freedom to choose how to medicate ourselves.

We are being forced into a situation where we will be committing an offence if we use natural herbal medicine, which the earth provides for all creatures that reside on this planet, instead of obeying orders to only use “alternative” Big Pharma meds.

The BBC is here to report to us how we must OBEY the EU rule!

More info here in this video:

We cannot accept laws that control and stifle our freedom to interact with our planet, we should be free to use what we are designed to live on, without question. Everything we need to survive is provided for us, our planet does not exist to be owned by greedy maniacs, who’s game is to hoard all the natural resources for themselves, meanwhile palming off the so called “useless eaters” with their contaminated frankenfoods in the hope that they can thin out the population, who dare to exist on the resources that the top floor pyramid dwellers want.

They lie to us about herbal cures….well, they figure that they may as well make money out of our suffering and anything that is discovered by the slaves, that does cure disease, is conveniently given a bad reputation and banned. It doesn’t just stop at depopulating humans though does it…all creatures and life forms are suffering at the destructive hands of the destroying manipulators…from the air to the oceans.

These videos are less than a fraction of what mother nature has to offer us earthlings. (2019 update: We were unable to retrieve the exact videos that the writer was referring to, but we know that he/she mentioned "Neem" and did offer this website.)

It’s up to us to remove the destroyers so that our earth can breath again.

Thank you

Roma AKA A2B

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