Common Purpose Meets Serco

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Update: Some years ago, an article appeared here about the British company Serco (Service Corporation). In other posts here, we have clarified that our purpose is not to get into discussions about politics and conspiracy theories. Out of respect for the original author, we are allowing parts of his article to remain here on the site. Although he no longer writes for this site, he is entitled to his opinions. Therefore, we will leave a few of his statements and thoughts about this company. In his statements, he makes reference to a British organization “Common Purpose” and abbreviates it “CP.”

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Another interesting thing I came across, is that CP is now active in another part of the world that is linked to Serco. In previous CP reports it is noted that CP has its tentacles in the USA and Canada as well as Europe. Now I have discovered that CP has infected Australia, you can read more about this in one of the attached documents included in this report. Serco and CP certainly do seem to have a common purpose…LEADERSHIP.

There is nowhere to hide from Serco and CP, all you have to do is browse through all previous CP reports and the Serco one, to see quite clearly that they are intensely grabbing control, manhandling and destroying the runnings of everything, creating chaos and driving us all into the mouth of the greedy NWO beast…but if they are everywhere, running almost everything, that means that they have now become easily detectable and have nowhere to hide from US!

There are so many, many issues to deal with in our world. There are many who are exposing corruption and providing solutions, which is great! It is time to put an end to allowing our souls to be owned and stifled. I personally feel that we are becoming a little lost in the details of an ocean of issues that we are almost drowning in… trying to sort all the details out from many different angles and perspectives, a bit like trying to ease lots of symptoms which can bring temporary relief. We should really be aiming our spears at the “root cause”, if we rid our world of the root of our problems, the symptoms will take care of themselves.