Survival Construction: Earthships, Do-it-Yourself and Self-Sustainability

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Civilization is reaching a breaking point that has no alternative but to burst. All at the same time we are witnessing the Housing Bubble, Economic Bubble, Government Infrastructure Bubble, Environment Bubble and every other bubble in modern civilization that’s about to burst. This is an absolute fact that simply cannot be ignored…..not anymore. It is time to discuss the next step in survival after the Elite empire falls. (NOTE: This post has been updated for 2019. There is some great info in here that you may find helpful in your own efforts to go off the grid and learn homesteading techniques as well.)

As most of you who regularly read my reports know I am very serious about survival and all that pertains to it. So much that I have an entire page devoted to it as well as many websites on Truth Survival I highly recommend. Food, water, medical/homeopathic supplies, off the grid power, hydroponic gardening, and more are essential for one’s survival beyond the Globalists dependency.

Now it is time to discuss shelter. 

Not just the kind of shelter like a tube tent or constructing a Bamboo hut for temporary Bug-Out survival because running can only last for so long. Society in a new light will need to be rebuild. Rebuilt so that people can raise families, practice their trades in order to offer services for reasons like bartering.

A home where you can grow food, raise Goats or Chickens, have shelter to keep you warm and cool as well as all other vital elements to have a good enjoyable self-sustaining life beyond the rat race grid of modern worker drone society. So how is this done? As always it requires desire, determination and the free will spirit to make a better life. Here is how it is done.

Let us begin with a short video about a man known as Skeeter who had an idea and is making it a reality

Sure Skeeter has spent some money on his homestead that most nowadays cannot afford to spend but that is just one example. As my Wife always says Options are the best so here is yet another option for you followed by the website where you can get all the guidance you need for this type of off the grid specific home.

For further information on Simple Solar Homesteading click HERE.

Most people in this country are paying more in one month on rent or a home mortgage plus utilities than what it costs to have the basics constructed of a home like the ones featured above.

Aren’t you tired of spending 70-85% of your income on greed?

A few days ago I came across a video that caught my eye and after watching quite a few I decided to add this Youtube channel to my recommended websites. Now building an off the grid home is a big project and even after that there are many aspects to consider. Here is just one example of a cheap way to have heat and even a way to cook in your home.

Allow me to stray for a moment because building homes or whatever else for that matter is easier than you may think. You don’t need all the expensive power tools either. In fact I can verify that myself. In the past months I have constructed two backyard gardens with wood frames, I am in the middle of building a very large Greenhouse and soon a Chicken Coop with full run and I am doing it ALL with hand tools. In fact I single handedly tore down our old Barn and am reusing all wood that is still in good condition. The rest of the wood is being used to heat the house. These things CAN be done.

You CAN Build Your Own Chicken Coop

easy to build chicken coop plans

Easy to Build Chicken Coop Plans

Having Chickens and building them a Coop is not difficult either and you may be surprised what you can use to make this happen.

And why pay a ridiculous amount of money for something that you honestly CAN make yourself? 

To learn more go to where you'll find a number of easy to build chicken coop plans.

Michael Reynolds EarthShips

Let us now discuss Earthships for the remainder of this survival report. Earthships are nothing new because the concept is basically what still to this day many native civilizations build and live in. The only difference is that the Earthships I am about to show you are a combination of building materials from nature and garbage. Yes I said garbage but not as some may think. To really get into what this type of off the grid home is all about I need to share with you the story of a modern pioneer. That person is Michael Reynolds

For over 30 years now Michael has been designing, experimenting and making a better way of life when it comes to completely self-sustaining homes for Humanity. With a degree in Architecture and the drive and passion for a better way of life, Michael has created something that stretches beyond the willing understanding of our corrupt bureaucrats. With his team, Michael has built Earthships in communities in New Mexico and has been called to action to build after disasters in India, Mexico and New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. This man is a true Patriot who has had much resistance and blatant suppression. However in the end Michael rose out of the ashes and came out on top.

Update: We have a fully updated and in-depth discussion about Earthships here.

I am going to do things a bit backwards with this survival report because I really want you to take the time to watch something truly inspiring. I found this documentary simply by accident and I know I was meant to watch it. It needs no introduction but only the opportunity to be viewed by you and the rest of those who aspire to become more.

Garbage Warrior

(June 2019 Update: The full documentary may be difficult to find now that people charge to watch it; however, here is the trailer that you might find interesting.)

If that doesn’t inspire people than perhaps nothing will. It got me geared up big time to go out to the plot on my land and get back to working on my own self-sustaining projects. I can’t wait to see my Wife’s drawing plan of the Chicken Coup!

Now it is time to super saturate you with all you need to know on the topic of a self sustaining homestead.


There you have it my fellow Humans. For me to tell you what kind of home should be constructed and how is not my job. I simply as always just try to provide as much useful information as possible and I feel this has been yet another successful report in doing  just that. I do hope this report has opened the eyes of some to realizing that creating your own reality is more than projecting the thought or even good intentions. In the end creating your own reality takes hard work and dedication.

Do that and you will find that an off the grid self sustainable life is not only possible but actually quite enjoyable. This is just another example of how we can go back to basics but not lose too much of what we enjoy. Sure it will be tough in the beginning but eventually you won’t even consider wanting to go back to the Rat race of today’s collapsing society. Personally I am looking forward to it which allows my imagination and strength to grow stronger everyday. Allow yours to do the same….you may just be surprised what you discover about yourself.


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