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10 Wild Edible Plants For Survival

Wild Edible Plants

When no other food sources are available, you’ll need to rely on Mother Nature to replenish your calories. That’s where foraging comes into play. If all of your pre-stocked food has run out, you ...

Raising Goats: The Ultimate Guide

How To Raise Goats - The Ultimate Guide

We just had to update this post, because we LOVE goats! I don't have an opportunity to do so where I live, so I am constantly badgering my homesteading neighbors to raise goats so I can come over and ...

How to Preserve Meat

How to Preserve Meat

In a SHTF or off grid living situation, you most likely won’t have access to a refrigerator. This means that you’ll need to learn about alternative ways to preserve food. Meat will be one of the ...

How to Make Waterproof Matches

How to Make Waterproof Matches

Are matches your primary way of making a fire? If so, then I highly recommend you learn how to make waterproof matches. While it’s possible to buy waterproof matches, you can ...

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